NJDC News Roundup, September 23, 2016

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We hope you’ve been having a good week! It has been busy at the National Jewish Democratic Council since our last roundup. Here are some stories you might find interesting:

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Jewish Republicans Refuse to Donate to Trump

FiveThirtyEight published a story this Wednesday stating that Jewish Republicans are refusing to donate to Trump’s campaign.

MOU Proof of US Commitment to Israel’s Security (By: NJDC Contributor Steve Sheffey)

The United States and Israel last week signed a new 10-year memorandum of understanding. The Anti-Defamation League hailed the announcement, noting that the new MOU “provides Israel with the largest defense aid package in American history — $38 billion over the next decade.” Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) said that “our relationship with Israel should not be up for debate and I’m very pleased the Administration has reached this agreement supporting the Israeli people and their security.”

Former Employee: Trump Joked About Gas Chambers

The GOP presidential nominee’s son, Donald Trump Jr. said on Thursday that if the GOP acted as Hillary Clinton does, the media would be “warming up the gas chambers”. Now a former Trump Organization executive alleges that Donald Trump himself has made similar references.

Pew Poll: American Jews Overwhelmingly Democratic

Jews still overwhelmingly identify as Democrats. A September 2016 Pew study revealed that 74% of Jews are Democrats compared with 24% who are Republican.

Jews Love Clinton’s Pragmatism

Armin Rosen in a lengthy article in Tablet notes discusses Hillary Clinton, and her outreach to the Jewish community and what her presidency might mean for Mideast policy.

NJDC in the News

Politico: Trump campaign lashes out at media over Trump Jr. ‘gas chamber’ comment

The National Jewish Democratic Council also weighed in with a statement, arguing that Trump’s comments were unsurprising given his campaign’s track record but nonetheless “have no place in a presidential campaign.”
“Donald Trump Jr.’s reference to gas chambers is outrageous. With its allusions to the Holocaust, remarks such as these have no place in a presidential campaign,” the NJDC’s statement read.

Jerusalem Post: Media ‘warms up the gas chamber’ for Republicans, Trump’s son says

The National Jewish Democratic Council issued a statement of condemnation on Thursday, as did Rep. Eliot Engel (D-New York), ranking member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. “Everybody knows to what Donald Jr. was referring when he mentioned ‘a gas chamber,’ and there’s only one word for it: deplorable.”

US Magazine: Donald Trump Jr. makes Holocaust remark, references ‘gas chambers’ while criticizing the media

The National Jewish Democratic Council offered a statement as well, calling Trump Jr.’s remarks unsurprising, but “outrageous” and largely problematic.
“With its allusions to the Holocaust, remarks such as these have no place in a presidential campaign,” the statement reads. “Yet, it is not surprising that the Republican nominee’s son would use such language, given the pattern of frequent dog-whistling to anti-Semites and that both Trump the elder and Trump the younger previously have retweeted postings from known anti-Semites. Both father and son should apologize immediately for this completely inappropriate and offensive reference.”

For a full list of everyone who covered our statement, visit our blog post here.


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