Sharing Home, The Nostalgia of a Twin Bed
Nickolaus Sugai

I got to experience this very same phenomenon myself when Penny (my wife) moved back to the US with me. I’m not sure if, in this moment, I can think of anything more trivially magical than this simple fact of my life: I’m married to a Chinese citizen, a singularly beautiful woman who I met through coincidental happenstance after years of random decisions led us to the same office in the same province in the same city on the same road in Wuhan, China. Now, this girl from the forgotten metropolitan gem of the People’s Republic of China knows the names of all my exes, she’s seen my baseball card collection, she held me when I paid my respects to all my deceased pets in my parents’ backyard, she’s sat around with my high school friends doing nothing but nostalgizing things she didn’t experience firsthand(<random verbification…..<random nounification), and after a few short years has a deeper eye into my history, my life, my soul than any person on the planet. Eugene is my home, but so is she.

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