Him (Part 1)

Photo Credits: Starbucks Gold Card

It was a cold, rainy day when seventeen year-old Nathan left his new job. In his hands, he held the endless stack of paperwork, on top of which sat the free meal he had just received from his manager. It was a new beginning for Nathan, and little did he know, this beginning was just the beginning of another beginning.

“Shit,” Nathan suddenly cried. “I’m late.”

Like a bolt of lightning, he took out his phone and proceeded to the Uber app. Putting in the required information, he prayed that he would be forgiven. It was his nature to worry about the smallest things, and this just happened to be one of them.

Ten minutes later, the Uber driver pulled up to the soaking teenage boy. Rolling down the window, the driver had a confused look on his face, almost as if he had just escaped his mother’s womb.

“This is Uber, are you Nathan?” the driver asked.

Nathan nodded. He would have made more conversation had his hands not been so full, but that and his anxiety levels prevented him from being talkative.

As the car pulled away, Nathan began to think. Will he like me? No one had ever given him attention like this before. Especially no one this young. He was uneasy. This was going to be a long car ride.

Ten minutes later, it had begun pouring. The afternoon sky turned black, thunder and lightning fighting for mankind’s attention. Here Nathan was, hands full of food bags and paperwork, a soaking wet jacket, and a random queasy feeling in his stomach. What an impression he was about to make.

Staring through the window of the local Starbucks’, he saw a young, brown-haired man wave with a welcoming smile on his face. As he walked in, the young boy held the door opened for him and introduced himself.

They shook hands. The boy’s hand was shakier than the lightning strike that just happened outside. He was only nervous, Nathan thought. It made him perk up a bit; it made him feel special.

In general, boys did not give Nathan the attention that he wanted. When approaching him, they would only ask for one thing: a hook-up. While it was normal for humans to be intimate, Nathan knew that he wanted something more. Though it had only been five minutes since he laid eyes on this kid, he knew that this was not going to be some fling. No, it was going to be a relationship.

The boy’s name was Julienne. Standing at five feet and less than a hundred pounds, he was not the typical figure that Nathan would prefer. His short brown hair flowed across his forehead, his eyes a bronze tint. He was attractive, and it was not going to be denied by anyone, especially Nathan.

“So, so, Nathan,” Julienne said with a stutter. “Tell me what makes you the person you are.”

What a stupid question. What makes him, him? Was he serious? He took a minute to think before he answered.

“Well, I am a good listener and I put other people before myself,” Nathan said. “I make sure that other people are happy and then I make sure that I am. It kind of bites me in the ass sometimes, but hey, I love being this way.”

Julienne blushed.

“That’s cool,” he said. “Well, let’s see, do you want me to tell you a little bit about myself now?”

Nathan nodded, and the conversation began.

This date was going to be interesting, Nathan thought. Not only was he smaller than expected, he was also three years younger. He knew barely anything about Julienne; hell, he had never even noticed him in school. But there was something about this kid, something that he had never felt about anyone before.

The date was still young, and little did they both know, there were going to be more to come.