I actually started listening to electronic music in high school. I listened to a lot of bag raiders and french electro. I started listening to that a lot because it’s very similar to pop music and indie remixes. I was a really big radiohead fan. I mean, I wasn’t alive for their earlier albums but when they went into electronic music it was really exciting

I started clubbing when I was 14 in Beijing. The rules there were not really that strictly enforced. So we would go out, sometimes we would even get stopped by the police and convince them to take shots with us. We were 14. They’d get so drunk.

There’s a huge clubbing culture in Beijing but mostly for house music. so most of the international kids we’d go out, we’d club at these big clubs where people like [I can’t make it out… at 6:00] would come a lot actually. We would definitely go really hard in Beijing all the time.

I moved to New York in 201 but I didn’t really start going out to electronic shows here until 2012 maybe. Before that I went to a lot of indie shows

I remember electric zoo in 2012. I remember Webster Hall because dubstep was big, and I was into early dubstep but not the bro stuff it is now. A lot of webster hall grimy ass parties, very male centric. I went to rusko and casper there.

I would go there every weekend with Ida. We’d go out, and just end up at Webster Hall. It started to get too annoying, then started to get boring. We started to listen to lots of different electronic music.

Actually I only got introduced to Fade to Mind really recently, 2014. My friend was like do you want to go to the fade to mind show at good room? I was there with Ida. That was my first Fade to Mind show. I was like, this is so good.

Now I really feel comfortable and at home going out because I know a lot of ppl who go to the same shows I do. I guess I have always felt comfortable in a club. This place where people gather, just to enjoy music.

I was thinking about this the other day. I was in a bus, looking at restaurants. Restaurants and clubs are two places people gather but restaurants are so much more private. You don’t really share tables with people. You don’t interact with other tables. But at the club you are all there watching something. It feels so nice. Ppl are there for the music. Sometimes ppl are there to find other ppl to hook up with, but I like to think everyone is there for the music (laughs).

I usually don’t pregame. I don’t drink a lot, so if I pregame then I’ll be too drunk to go out or like have a drink at the club and black out so I don’t like to drink until I’m out. Usually my friends come over to my place or we go to Jordan’s and drink a beer or two there. But my routine is eat dinner, shower, wait for friend’s or go to friend’s place, then go out at 12 or 1.

When I get into the club I use the restroom (laughs). That’s what I did yesterday [Rizzla Iron Cages relase at Trans Pecos]. The line was so long. Or I look around, take a glance around the room to see if I know anyone. THEN use the restroom (laughs).

I used to do drugs when I’d go out a lot. I used to roll like every other weekend…oh my god. I bet my brain hates me. I only used to take molly. Now I smoke weed, but at the end of the night, at the end of the party.

n: we talked about meeting ppl, who is the first person who made going out, while you were out?

I’ve met many people from shows, but I never really stayed friends with them. They were all like random people who don’t go to shows a lot. But I guess within our group the first person I really met was Raimy. Raimy is memorable because I see him all the time now. I remember meeting him for the first time at Good Room, at the Fade to Mind show.

He was dancing a lot with his sister. And he was dancing next to us, me and ida. And I just remember him being really good at dancing and one of the most energetic people in the crowd. He had good energy.

I don’t know what my favorite show would be. FKA Twigs at brooklyn hangar was so good. That wasn’t really a club night it was more of a show. But that was so theatrical. I wish clubs were more theatrical like that, the lights, it was such a good show.

Holy Mountain’s always good. I remember Holy Mountain, Spectrum. I always was drunk when I was at Spectrum but it’s always fun there. It’s got really cool people dancing. Really fashionable ppl too. So that’s fun.

I’ve been listening to a lot of r&b stuff. I go out and listen to electronic music but at home I like to listen to like alicia keys and tink. I don’t listen to electronic music 24/7

Also I have a lot of friends in like the night crew…all those ppl you saw at Knitting Factory. Grrl, Maxo, Absurdist. I’m really into that crowd too. Grrl is actually a really good producer. Grrl was fun.

N: do you go out alone?

J: yeah.

N: when was the first time?

I go out alone. I don’t remember the first time. The last one was the last show at trans pecos with Lit City.

I find out about shows through Facebook. Or through friends. People always invite me to stuff on Facebook. And if I’m not invited I’m always told.

My favorite venue is.. I don’t know. I like a couple. I like Trans Pecos, mostly because there’s a nice backyard to get fresh air. And it’s never too hot, even though there’s this bottleneck. There’s a designated space for ppl dancing. It’s a nice size. It’s hard for me to say what is my favorite because I’m always thinking about things that happen recently. I don’t think too much about the past or future. I’m more like a live in the moment gal.

Right now DWMS is really good to me. Every time the lineup’s so good. I have such a good time there. All my friends go. I know people who work there. It’s so nice, like family.

My favorite conversations out are always with Webb! We have good conversations, especially not with big groups of people. We were just cielo talking about the structure/dynamic of the crowd versus the DJ booth. That was nice. It also wasn’t blaringly loud in the club. We were just sitting next to the dancefloor.

I keep going out because, it’s like…I don’t know. I need it. If I’m at home for too long…I like having the immersive experience of music, within a room where it’s dark and you’re kind of anonymous, unless you’re with friends. But these people are here, we all gather for the music. It’s kind of a romantic view of the club. I like it for the immersive experience. At home it’s very private, but when you’re sharing a really good song the DJ is playing with other people it’s really nice. I’m actually really introverted, but when I’m out, I prepare to go out, I mentally prepare myself to go out to socialize. And that’s when I do most of my socializing. Other than than I’m always at home or hanging out with friends but we don’t speak that much even. I come out of my shell a lot recently mostly because of these shows or parties in general. Where I’m meeting people who go to the same shows and it’s like club family.

I’m unemployed right now. I’m on an allowance from my parents and use that to pay for shows

It depends on the lineup if I’ll buy in advance or not . If I really want to see someone then I buy in advance right away. But if there’s a couple shows that night I wait to see what will happen and who is going to what shows.

If I want to dress down, I wear like a shirt, shorts dress pants, sneakers, boots. But if I want to dress up it’s a dress. I have a lot of sportswear, random stuff I find cheap on Amazon but still looks good. I like to wear a lot of things that are slick too, or shiny. But I don’t have a lot of clothes like that. And there’s not a lot of situations where you can wear them. I have two dresses with a shiny matte leather look, like an oil slick.

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Celestial Trax

Amnesia Scanner


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