Quick Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Local Business Website:

Check your Site Speed here


Google loves fast websites. Mine was at like 53/100 before using this tool and once I knew what needed to be done, I sent a screenshot of the recommendations to a developer friend of mine and said, “can you do this for me?” It took less than an hour for me to get to 94/100. (I wish I had that kind of talent)

*Mobile speed is just as important. If you don’t already have a mobile responsive website, get one. It’s amazing the number of people searching for services on their phones.

Google Search Console


Submit your site. This will make sure it’s indexed by google (If it isn’t already). It will also be where you monitor where your traffic is coming from and what issues you might be having.

Set up Google My Business (GMB)

Google My Business has become a huge factor in determining which sites rank in Google’s local search engine. Be sure to complete your listing in full. Upload your company logo, some before and after photos, Directions to your location, Description of what you offer, and hours of operation. From this point forward, everywhere your company is listed, must match the information on Google My Business.

Basic Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


-Work through this checklist and make sure you’ve checked everything off. For low traffic keywords (as most local businesses target) This will be the bulk of what you need to make sure you’re SEO is solid and your ranking on Google for customers searching in your area.

General Site Info

I never like to nitpick anyone’s site, but one thing that can be a huge for local service businesses, is their website. Having a site that looks better than your competitors, instantly puts you a step above even if they are more established or have a larger client base.

You’ll want something that conveys trust to your prospective client. Things like testimonials, and links to ratings profiles like Yelp, Angies List, and Thumbtack.

Also, make sure you have a way to capture client email addresses so you can market to them later. Something as simple as the “smart bar” from SumoMe offering a discount for clients that sign up for your newsletter would work great.


Get at least 5 reviews. The power of Yelp seems to materialize after 10+ reviews.

Here’s how you get them. Send an email to former and current clients.(Obviously leave out anyone you had any issues with)

Use something like this:

“Hey Client,

We are a small local company and would love you to help spread the word about us. Maybe one day we’ll grow huge, and be able to afford a Super Bowl Commercial, but in the meantime we rely on your kindness to share our story.

Would you mind giving us a quick review on Yelp if you have a second. Yelp really makes or breaks us and a nice review goes a tremendous way.

Use this link to check out our profile:


If you’re not on there, no biggie, but if you are, we would really appreciate it.

Thanks again for everything.




When done right, Thumbtack can be a tremendous platform for generating business. Unfortunately you can run into a chicken and egg problem early on similar to Yelp.

Goal number one is build a base of reviews. Discount your service in the short term to reap the benefits long term. Once you tread water building up a few base reviews, that when you really see a large uptick in accepted bids.

The key to Thumbtack is followup. Most businesses enter their quote, sit back and pray. You must follow up each and every day for at least 5 days straight before archiving the quote as a loss. Nothing annoying, just simple check in’s letting client know you are there to answer any questions they have.


Adwords takes some practice, but once you’ve got it figured out, you can launch massive highly targeted Adwords campaigns in no time using Google’s Adwords Editor.

When done right, Google Adwords should be a profitable investment, not an expensive way to drive traffic. With Adwords, I was able to get my first paying client the first day I launched the service.

I currently spend less than $20/day on Adwords, and it sends leads each and every day.

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