Norlundic News Network (NNN) opens its doors to the public

Earlier today, Mr. Grame Anderfire opened the doors of the Norlundic News network to the rest of Spera for the first time since Mr. Sega Prophet showed the world the power of Norlundic support when, after Valenholm, a major ally, was raided, they offered support, quickly patching up damages and giving back all lost supplies.

Mr. Prophet, lost in a slumber at the moment, has commented through internal Norlundic forums, that he will return, but has not yet commented on the status or future of the Network.

Anderfire, looking for a job, then revived the dead business, saying that the business was too precious to be let go.

“When I heard that there was not a headquarters for the company, I quickly decided to kill two birds with one stone,” Mr. Anderfire said outside his newly built headquarters in the emerging city of Belle Baie, “I could increase demand for the new city while giving the company a place for writing and learning new skills and receiving news.

The Network currently only has one editor, but is looking for more workers, and will be reporting on all diplomatic matters, not limited to internal Norlundic matters.