COMM140 Reflection

Coming away from COMM140 I have developed a deeper understanding of the value of alternate social media platforms for educational and professional learning purposes. This broadened understanding of my existing social media knowledge has allowed me to express my personal opinions in a new and effective manner.

Not having used Twitter before, due to my personal preference of Facebook, I have now found a new perspective. Once the concept of professional development through the use of this platform was introduced to me, I immediately identified the possibilities I was now being presented with to enhance our already existing systems with my own school and Diocese.

The importance of technological understanding is apparent within today’s globally connected society. My experience within COMM140 has allowed me to develop my own skills and has given me an opportunity to re-imagine my own use of social media platforms for the benefit of my students.

The use of the coding application Scratch was also new for me and I enjoyed learning something I had no prior knowledge of. I would like to develop my skills further in Scratch and have considered implementing the app into my Cultural Development lessons for older tech savvy students. This would give my students an opportunity to develop Indigenous focused media created by themselves for distribution to their Non-Indigenous peers therefore benefiting both my students and the online wider school community.

Technology dominates our world and ensuring we as educators have sufficient understanding should be at the foremost of our thoughts. I find myself wanting to know more and more to enable me to stay one step ahead of my students. I am sure that with time my students will continue to surprise and hopefully one day surpass me as they undertake their own digital discoveries in this new age of online thinking.

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