Who is Morgan Rockwell?

My name is Morgan Rockwell, legally my name is Morgan Rock-Coons and I didn't know this name until I turned 16 to get my driver's license. I was born in Chula Vista, CA from my mother Penny Rockwell and my Father Michael David Coons on July 20th, 1987. My mother has had many education jobs throughout her life, she raised me while she worked for the South Bay Unified School District. She was part of Americorps & became a kindergarten teacher in her later years. My father was a US Marine for 5 years being a specialist in intelligence and command. Both of them raised me Catholic and I attended Rosebank Elementary, Hilltop Middle, Hilltop High School and I applied for Remington College at the age of 15 and was accepted before I turned 16 years old. The only credit or loans I've taken in my now 30 year life were the college loan to attend college at such a young age.

When I turned 15, I had a seizure for the first time in my life after many months of extremely painful migraines every morning, I concluded at that time it was a process of puberty and growing up. The day I had my first seizure I was on the phone with a friend at my laptop in my room, and my right eye immediately went blind, I started losing control of my hands with very rapid shaking, my back on the right side spiked with electricity and I ended up passing out on my computer and waking up maybe 15 min later drooling on the keyboard. My friend on the phone was yelling asking if I was ok, when I came to I hung up the phone, looked up the symptoms of what had happened to me on webMD, and found that I was having some side effects related to Multiple Sclerosis. I stumbled out into my living room and told my mother what had happened, she immediately turned ghost white and told me her grandfather died from MS.

She took me to Children's Hospital in San Diego at the Ronald McDonald Neurology department where I took two MRIs over the next week and an EEG to monitor my brain activity. I was told there were lesions on my brain, cyst on my sinus and showed spazmatic activity while I slept. I was not one to ever consume any kind of drugs or alcohol, I was a very straight edge teenager and protected my brain more than anything in my day to day life. This was concluded by my Neurologist that the only way MS damage would be healed was THC, which causes the myelin sheath to grow back from nerve damage done by white blood cells.

This autoimmune disorder is what paralyzed my great grandfather and now began to hurt me as a teenager. My doctor told me that cannabis would be one of the only solutions that would work properly at this time in modern science. So I began to study the history of cannabis use and found my way to begin taking this medicine under her guidance and the guidance of my peers over the next few months and years. Everyone in my family has been a cannabis user and that is something I learned at that time.

I have until this day continued to be a very clean human in my lifestyle, not consuming alcohol, any drugs, as well as not being around people who were dangerous or harmful to my lifestyle of technology development and healthy habits. When I have traveled the United States working as a musician, a technology developer and a construction worker I always was able to find a happy medium with work and music. Cannabis was apart of that healthy lifestyle for the last 16 years of my life, and in my current state my health is rapidly deteriorating because of no access to medicine let alone peers that can comprehend my work or my current position in the Bitcoin industry. It's been a very important job that I do but a very isolating experience.

I was since first grade a computer teacher, teaching my first grade teacher all the way to building the website for my middle school and teaching programming in my highschool to my classmates. When I turned 21 I became a musician and traveled the United States performing my music as an ASCAP musician.

I performed my band Metaballo, at places like House of Blues, Downtown San Diego venues and in San Francisco in a few different venues. At the same time I traveled to Hawaii, Alaska & North California to do stone & tile work, building custom showers, floors, fireplaces and many other stone creations in large, medium and small homes, businesses and public areas like parks and malls. I worked for a company called BSI Interiors as well as independent contractors.

At this time I began learning how to build artificial intelligence, machine learning systems and computational devices in my spare time while I got payed doing construction and stone work 14 hrs a day 6 days a week. I became aware at this time of the financial markets, the global institutions and the political systems of the United States and the United Nations. I began to study financial technology and political science to fully understand the planet I live on in very fine detail, this both helped me cope with the struggles in the world as well as develop better computer technology as well as financial technology. In 2008 I began trading on the FOREX exchanges and markets learning the basis of currencies, commodities and securities. This was during a time also known as Occupy Wall Street where massive amounts of people were protesting the banks and financial companies in public. I was in the process of doing beta testing for Google, Microsoft and others.

I began working on one of the most advanced and important technologies in human history as a tester/trainer at Google, the release of the first General Purpose Artificial Intelligence or Advance Machine Learning System. At this time most people were not aware of this project or it's important role in the future of humanity. I focused on teaching this machine how phonetics, linguistics and ethics works in the human sense, to translate these concepts to the machine systems in code, speech and writing. This project has improved itself over the last 9 years and is now the core technology used at Google Inc, Alphabet Inc, Waymo & DeepMind.

When Bitcoin was demonstrated to the world on November 2009, around 9 months after my work on the Cognitive Autohuristic Distributed Intelligent Entity (CADIE) at Google, I began to focus fully on Bitcoin and it's implementation in society. For the last 8 years straight I've been dedicated to building many programs, platforms and systems that use Bitcoin as it's basis. Bitcoin has become my life as I formed the first Bitcoin company in the United States called Bitcoin Kinetics Inc in California, I formed the first Bitcoin ATM & Vending Machines using code called BitSwitch, I formed the first smart contracts and the basis of the Ethereum Cryptocurrency, I formed BitCongress the world's first Blockchain Voting System, I formed Titor.co the world's first Virtual Computer Reality Simulation Library & among other things I formed the first Bitcoin corporation Bitcoin Inc.

I have dedicated my life to protecting, promoting and preserving Bitcoin and it's Blockchain, the world's first truth machine, the world's first digital scarce good and the world's first peer to peer decentralized Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has been a leaderless project, as well as a Decentralized movement, having revolutionary effects upon the financial systems of the world. It has always succeeded without any one person, company or group of people, yet now I know that it needs a guide and stewardship when it comes to interaction with the US Military, Intelligence Community, Law Enforcement and the Legal system.

I strive to be a good role model as well as a defender of the mission that Bitcoin is working every day to accomplish. The life I have lived is not an ordinary one, the work I've done my entire life from construction, to space technology all the way to Bitcoin has put me in strange places and on the edge of advancement as well as the forefront of technology. This battle for my freedom now has began a new chapter in my life that I never expected to be in, I've prepared myself for the most unorthodox experiences that a human can go through, yet I know this current challenge of the Judicial System is one of the strangest experiences I have had so far, so I do my best to continue my work and be a good role model for society.

Morgan Rockwell