Why Do My Best Ideas Come When I’m In The Shower?

Photo by Skyler King on Unsplash

My decision to join and start writing regularly on Medium came while I was under a shower. Most of my writing ideas came while I was stood under a shower as I was feeling warm water massaged my hair and skin. All thanks to my dopamine high, relaxed state of mind at this time. After a little research, I found out that we are more likely to develop creative epiphany when we’re doing something monotonous.

I run a Facebook and Youtube channel, some of my best creative ideas have gone a little viral; these were ideas hatched under a shower while my brain was in a free-flowing thinking mood.

The funny part is that during a shower, ideas pop up and sound very exciting. Since I have decided to organise my life and take notes on ideas, I will find myself running out dripping wet, to write exciting ideas down on my phone or a note pad. One time when I did this, the idea was just brilliant that I didn’t mind water smearing my phone. I prefer my phone because I’m more likely to come back to it at a later date without stress. Writing on note pad these days for me isn’t the best idea; at times I end up losing sight of the notebook — so yes, my smartphone is my best ally.

After this stage comes action time, it could be hours or days later, just like a freshly baked bread, the idea stays fresh or began to go off once you start working on it, or when we don’t make any effort. Some times you decide that the concept is silly — often you doubt yourself. Stronger ideas work with us, and ridiculous ideas fade away.

Apart from that, the shower is one of my favourite places I look forward to spending some ‘me time’ every day. I have realised that my best ideas and decision come together and make more sense to me while I’m in this little small enclosed space where I feel so comfortable.

I sing. I dance, I reply to emails — mentally. I ask brilliant questions and come up with fun things to do in days or week to come. Yeah, it all happens within the ten to twenty minutes I spend every day in the shower.

Often, while standing under the artificial rain, I allow the warm water to take over my body. I also use the opportunity to advice myself, tell my self off over something silly I did or remind myself to send that email, or reply a call. A lot goes on in the shower, and I can go on and on.

The best part of having my most brilliant ideas in the shower is that I’m now aware that during a shower, the majority of people have an increased dopamine flow. I look forward to it. I even go as far as keeping my phone by the side just in case.

Today, before replying or preparing for something important, I run it through while in the shower and just like that I come up with the best decisions.

Of course the ideas or decision I make in the shower doesn’t always turn out right. But honestly the majority of them had proved to be amazing, and I now run with this.

Coming up with this writeup about how my ideas come to me happened while I was in the shower last night. Most of my writing ideas on the Draft section of Medium also come this way. With a little research and polishing, most of them become alive.

Other extremely routine tasks that can help with an influx in dopamine include running — which also works for me, cooking, driving, listening to music, cycling, and the list goes on. It’s probably different for everyone; however, creativity in the shower is said to often happen to 75% of people because its any activity that encourages a relaxed state of mind, in the begging or at the end of the day, a signature for creatives. It is also crucial for creatives to know their best relaxation moments in other to harvest their best ideas.

I feel very bless and look forward to running things under the shower before making my final decision, and it works for me.

Where do you hatch most of your creative ideas? — I’d love to hear your thoughts.