Data Expert & CSO David Kang Uses Experience to Amplify NOIZ Strategy

Mr. David Kang is the Chief Strategy Officer of the NOIZ project. He is a highly qualified market forecaster and coordinator who has over 15 years of experience in data analytics. He has been using this expertise to analyze and improve marketing strategies for NDN Group (NYC office) and its clients. He is a Partner of NDN Group and a General Partner of hedge fund XNInsight. With years of research in human behavior and psychology, he developed a successful IT startup called, which has been valued at over 100M USD by Thomson Reuters.

Mr. Kang’s familiarity and knowledge with data processing programs, ecommerce and trends allows him to be very informed on how consumers go through the buying process. His expertise is invaluable in providing NOIZ with guidance on ways to improve its customer experience.

During his time participating in a data processing program at Stanford University, David strengthened his skills in quantitative analytics and market interpretation, which deepened his expertise in predictive analytics and provided him with actionable outlooks in both marketing and finance. He developed his insights from hands-on experience in trading, e-commerce, legal, finance and IT service industries.

“I love the idea that NOIZ Chain will contribute in re-establishing trust and respect on the internet and in the advertising industry,” states Mr. Kang.

With his in-depth knowledge in data analytics and advisorship, Mr. Kang will help NOIZ strive to be a breakthrough in the nascent interactive advertising space.

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