NEM Blockchain Fest: Meeting the Hong Kong Community

The NEM Blockchain Fest was a highly informative event held at the Bitwork co-working space in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong Thursday night, October 11th.

One of the greatest aspects to working with the NEM Foundation is access to the highly enthusiastic and experienced community. At this event, six speakers presented their projects and described how they are using the NEM blockchain to achieve their objectives.

NOIZchain Marketing Technologist Connor Doyle was one of the speakers. He introduced the NOIZchain cognitive ad to the audience and received an astounding interest in this new advertising technology.

With people understanding the strength of NOIZchain, in that the NOIZchain project already is serving cognitive ads online on behalf of clients, there was the common question of “Will users need to create an account to receive NOIZ tokens?” This is a great concern for many, as people realize online users will likely come across NOIZchain ads before having a NOIZchain wallet set up. For this reason, NOIZchain will be using 2FA and CAPTCHA-like tests to ensure a user is human. The phone number or email address that the user provides to complete the 2FA will be linked to the earned tokens, and a time frame will be set for the user to create a NOIZchain wallet to officially claim his or her tokens.

“I quite enjoyed receiving all of the questions from the audience and even the other speakers. NOIZchain is relatively new to the NEM community, but we’re already feeling great energy and we’re very much looking forward to growing with the NEM network,” Connor stated at the end of the event.

Connor was also fascinated by the other projects being presented, in particular how one project in the healthcare industry will be using algorithms to make medical predictions based on the medical history that people store on a blockchain. “It’s very fascinating to see how other industries are using blockchain because it helps me see more use cases for the NOIZchain project. We’re working on training AI, as well, through the conversational data that we’ll be collecting, so it makes me smile when I think of all the different developments AI will have as a result of blockchain.”

To learn more about NEM and how NOIZchain will be using this blockchain, check out our blog post detailing the reasons for why ALL NOIZ tokens will initially be created on the NEM blockchain.

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