NOIZ Fights One of the Most Profitable Criminal Enterprises — Digital Ad Fraud

Jul 11, 2018 · 3 min read

Turns out one of the most profitable criminal enterprises in the world is digital ad fraud, with up to a staggering 2500-4100 % return.

Dr. Augustine Fou, a cybersecurity and ad fraud researcher, recently revealed his findings on the state of ad fraud in 2018. Ad fraud occurs when advertisers pay for impressions or clicks generated by bots. Spambots are programmed bots created to emulate human behaviour online, drive down ROI and inflate impressions, clicks and views.

According to Foo, ad fraud numbers are at an all time high and they remain underestimated as bot detection technology fail to pick it up. Ad tech agencies also remain in denial and marketers fail to admit the amount of ad dollars wasted.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau of Australia released a report claiming that ad fraud is a non-issue considering the small percentage of fraudulent traffic. This finding is in contrast to other findings which have highlighted that billions of dollars are wasted on ad fraud each year.

Although there are clearly mixed views regarding the severity of the problem due to vested interests, the prevalence of the issue cannot be denied.

NOIZ has come up with a solution to bar these criminals from the digital advertising space.

How does NOIZ fight crime?

NOIZ is an ad network that secures and validates data using blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Its community of advertisers, publishers, consumers and social impact organizations is the driving force of NOIZ.

Cognitive Ads

NOIZ’s cognitive ad feature aims to fight against click fraud. NOIZ uses an AI powered cognitive bot named NIKOLA to initiate conversation dialogues within each ad. NIKOLA comes equipped with Natural Language Processing (NLP); the more consumers converse with NIKOLA, the more intelligent NIKOLA becomes — hence the term ‘cognitive’. It is also able to work with multiple languages using freestyle text or voice messages.

The cognitive ads are also equipped with Run-time Execution Monitoring (REM) and Passive Monitoring technology, which pick out bot activity as well.

With the cognitive ad rewarding consumers for their engagement, consumers must first complete a Know Your Customer (KYC) form. This is another preventative measure to keep spambots out of the NOIZ network and validate consumer data.

The creators of spambots — those who form this highly lucrative criminal enterprise — are constantly developing new ways to steal money and information from digital advertising, but so too will the NOIZ team continuously update it’s software to prepare for such threats.

The NOIZ network is the end of the ad fraud criminal enterprise.

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