Guide your attendees at your Convention, Expo or Trade Show with an App!

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Aug 1, 2016 · 2 min read

There are a number of reasons of why an App is the perfect tool to utilize when hosting or attending a convention. Conventions are often massive, overwhelming and daunting to anyone looking for something specific at your show. Even with a brochure or a map that shows where everything is in a large, crowded convention hall, it is easy to get lost. Especially if there were changes made after the brochures were printed. At NPSAPPS we have the means of putting an end to these issues and more!

Advantages for you:

•Increased advertising opportunities
•Ease of changing the schedule around
•Push notifications to inform people of changes during the convention
•Easy to change details quickly year to year
•Likely to stay on attendees phones — you can send them info for each year without printing a thing!

Advantages for your attendees:

•Tickets are available to be purchased right in the app
•GPS Directions to the convention building, directly from the app
•Up to the minute information about your event sent to their devices
•Floor plan and booth information right in the app makes finding booths easy
•Your schedule of panels and are updated in their devices as you make the changes.

Our convention app features can include:

•A Location tab with integrated GPS, to navigate to your event
•Floor Plan of Booths — integrate your own PDF map!
•Speakers/Guests for each day
•Purchase Tickets for event
•Exhibitors or Booths List
•Partners/Sponsors lists
•Email Sign up Form
•About your event
•Contact Form
•Social Media
•News Feed
And Much More!

For a free consultation regarding building an app for your Convention, Expo or Tradeshow contact us at or call us at 954–368–1640

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