The Power of the Modern Classic

The Modern Classic does two things at once: it applauds the preservation of iconic styles and it announces the presence of new, breathtaking looks. Whether furnishing a beach villa in the Hamptons or a rustic home in Jackson, Mississippi, the charisma and character of modern classic design can truly enliven a space. There’s nothing boring about modern classic design, which is notable due to its distinct metallics, clean lines and captivating color palette.

Contemporary classicism offers a wide-bearing source of finesse. The modern and elegant look can be a diverse one, drawing on fine elements of beautiful molding, architecture, and unique pieces. White and light beige walls are often matched with dark accents and chocolate couches. Antique designs, unique frames, signature mirrors and chic cabinetry can be used in combination to inspire sophisticated displays and collections.

Stylish elegance can exist in traditional and modern settings, made possible by the use of tiles, marble, and upholstered beds. Additionally, the use of custom furniture, artful lighting, curated antiques and adventurous artwork can demonstrate to anyone that a classic home isn’t just a thing of beauty, it’s a something to be inspired by, it’s something to be imitated.

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