Which Genocidal Fantasy Should I Indulge In To Compensate For My Micropenis?

Enough is enough! We cannot keep tolerating this! I cannot keep tolerating this! The time has come for action, some REAL ACTION, and by REAL ACTION, I mean GENOCIDE. That’s the proper response to our soldiers being murdered by an enemy state: genocide. Murdering millions of people. We should OBLITERATE all of Pakistan, kill ALL its people, because I have a micropenis.

Earlier I used to get hard after our cricket victories, but that’s not enough anymore. Cricket won’t do. The only thing that can compensate for my epic emasculation right now is the murder of millions of innocent people. Pakistan must be taught a lesson. My micropenis needs to get hard again. Currently I am spending my days fantasizing different ways of genocidal retribution. Here are a few:


I don’t know anything about the Brahmos except that it looks phallic and powerful and I would be extremely aroused if we used it to kill some people.


I love our soldiers. I would do anything for them, except joining them, because I feel my skills are better served as an NRI middle manager in a mediocre IT company. Also, I have like five different kind of diabetes, but otherwise I would have loved to join the army!

Anyway, we should totally invade Pakistan. Just invade them. I mean, just send soldiers, and, look I am not supposed to work out the details, but I know we have the ability to do it. Post only IITians as Generals! I came up with that idea in a second, I am sure we can come up with a great plan if we put our minds to it.

We NRIs will do our part: go on strike until America agrees to give India a few aircraft carriers. All of us will come together and contribute our bit, the leaders will unite and inspire, the engineers will build, the farmers will provide, and the soldiers will die.


Pakistan must be nuked! Let’s burn millions of their people alive! Yes, such an action might lead to retaliation from their part, leading to deaths of millions of Indians as well, but that’s fine. We must be ready to sacrifice ourselves. By “we”, I mostly mean “you”, because San Jose is outside any possible blast radius (I have checked), but while millions of you burn, I will be kind of sad, which is also a sacrifice if you think about it. I am fine with millions of people in my country being incinerated, because I am a patriot.

As our cities are vaporized, charred bodies lay in what used to be houses inhabited by families, corpses of mothers holding their children, forever screaming, I will stroking my tiny fucking dick so hard sweat would be dripping off of my fat fucking face, because we might have killed more mothers and children on their side.

It’s alright if our country is turned to a literal hell, fertile green lands turned barren and red, rivers disappeared , birth defects for the next hundred generations, skies filled with dust and smoke making the sun vanish forever, banishing you to an eternal winter, because I am tired of feeling like a guy with a small dick. I don’t cherish human life, I have never spent a moment considering its sanctity. Every day I wake up and see my ugly fucking face no one has ever loved and it makes me angry and sad, and the only thing I seek is power. Dominate people, humiliate them, hurt them, anything works. I can’t feel powerful through my own actions, because I am a weak dullard, so power by proxy is my only hope. Dhoni must hit the six. Modi must launch the nuke.

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