Start-Up: Learn before you leap

There is no growth without the root.

Start-Up is like a movie star in India. Thanks to our government we don't have the porn industry like US, otherwise we will have crazy stars jumping into the bandwagon. Too much of glamour and too little understanding of what is reality is killing the industry. Why so much of Chaos in an industry which is promising?

With the StartupIndia program, there is a dramatical push from the government to accelerate the number of ideas to build Start-Up's. On the other hand there are complex regulatory blocks by Babu's and drastic implementation failure by the Entrepreneurship promoting bodies which is building disasters slowly against the governments true intentions.

Start-Up is not just about grabbing investors money, seduced by getting printed in web and news papers, specifically where you cannot reach out the early adopters without the help of Media. The primary intention is to identify an Idea that can be a fundamental instrument to build a great business opportunity. Though most of the established businesses keep innovating from the fundamental Idea, the vision doesnt change is what we have to remember.

Innovation supports the Start-Up to get visibility, improve reach to the consumers and stand out from the competetion. Neither Innovation nor investments makes the Start-Up unique, but the original Idea and the learnings from the early consumers to validate the idea with an intention to make is a huge business opportunity.

Scalability thus becomes the prime factor. This doesnt mean all scalable businesses are Start-Up's. We still have restrictions like time to scale, impact of the investment made, exponential growth opportunity, resources to scale, complex regulations and more. There are few functions like Sales, HR, Infrastructure management, finance where there is a compelling need for fusion of tradition and new culture. These can be attained by hiring the right professionals and not just by the founders, unless they have already build couple of organisations (Full cycle).

Learn the fundamentals about the Start-Up's at the right place to understand and validate your ideas before it draws away years from your lives. The journey is fun and promises the deepest learnings of your life. I believe we should enjoy that, not mess with it.