When the darling becomes devil…

Early adopters are angels for every startup and it’s more than that for Indian Start-up’s. Hardly the ecosystem has worked on this challenge till date in India. Poor internet penetration, Rural-Urban divide, economic imbalance (Not difference between rich and poor) no low cost medium to reach out to people (Facebook hardly helps anymore) are some broadly found reasons why reaching out to early adopters are still a costly game in India.

There comes the darling Media. This is the only way to reach out to large sum of audience other than TV. This works out for B2C business well and to an extent to B2B business too. The ambitious startup’s builds a dependence to reach out the more prospects through media.

In recent times there was lot of panic messages in media to all the Startup aspirants and Startup job seekers which sent a clear negative signal which was built over decades. We have to agree that if the Maruthi 800 is launch with no change from the last sold model still it will sell in India. We are so struck to routine and self-agnostic to change.

The lay-off news which has done the maximum damage, the Investment panic created by VC’s about their hard scrutiny for the funding proposals from Startups, Dotcom bust reminders, were some of the deeper damage to the eco system.

Let’s recognize when the darling becomes devil.

Most of the startups and the journalists want the sensation. Media is ever starving dinosaur which needs tons and tons of information which they would build it as news. When you don’t have something to talk about even the trivial factors comes to limelight. You have to feed the darling to keep the devil away. If you go deeper in any of the panic news you will find that it’s all routine and nothing abnormal. No business has luxury to pay someone who doesn’t meet the expectation or pay for an employee who is not in the revenue generation process.

There are deeper challenges which will give them respect and credibility if they keep writing about it. Journalists have to be helped with lot of research contents which they also have to validate. It needs good connections not horizontal but vertical.

Is it really positive? Yes.

Israel media is the one which brings in more positive energy even in the midst of all chaos they go through in their daily lives. Startup needs such support systems to move up in the ladder.