Tangela Jones raised in Jacksonville, FL she is a famous blogger, mom, wife, motivational speaker and owner of PurposeKollection Natural Products. After years of lifeless damaged hair and struggling with being overweight, it was time for her to make a difference in her life. She began to research how to better care for her hair and body. She researched the different types of ingredients to determine how they could potentially help or harm her. Tangela’s life style has transformed in an amazing way and she has become an inspiration to many people all over the world. Who knew that going back to her natural roots would result in loving and creating natural products. In less than one year, She has created a popular blog site by the name NaturalRootSista it has become one of the most talked about blogs in the natural hair community. Her message is simple; Connect with women who dare to be bold and different. They represent different elements of their lives, through their hair, fashion, beauty, products, healthy eating and just plain old being inspired for the next woman. NaturalRootSista movement has touched many of lives. NRSista has partnered with a few well-known brands and celebrities. NaturalRootSista will continue the legacy of inspiring and empowering women to from all across the country to live out their god given purpose.