Balance of Agile roles according to Hendrik Kniberg (Product Owner in a Nutshell)

If you look at the Scrum Master as being the coach of both the Product Owner and the Dev-Team, what skills does this person need to coach them?

The Product Owner has to blindly trust the team to build the thing the right way, but the Scrum Master needs to coach them on this. Would you bet on a football or soccer coach who has never played the game?

No. I wouldn’t think so, unless this person has super powers that would balance things out in your favour somehow.

I like to think that Ron Jeffries says the same…

Eiffel Tower by Joe deSousa

The more developers I teach about the testPyramid (as described by Mike Cohn in his book Succeeding with Agile) the more I think it should actually be a test-EiffelTower instead. Let me explain my reasoning.

So your teams love to work Agile and are in pursuit of finding the highest value for your clients and end-users. Still your clients live in a world where ‘buying features for fixed prices with contractual deadlines’ are the standard. This is very understandable as ‘What are we getting for our money?’ is a logical question upfront. Certainly if your leads want to compare vendors and decide on price.

So I keep questioning how do I sell the Agile way of working to a world that is just not ready for it…

Software feedback loop by Jacopo Romei (CC BY-SA 2.0)

The contract

Contracts with fixed scope often lead to Big…

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