9 reasons why game days are the best days in Gainesville

It’s fall semester at the University of Florida once again and fall doesn’t just bring back floods of students, new and old, for a brand new year in the Gator Nation; fall brings back football season! Is there any time of year better than this in Gainesville? Here are a few reasons why we love fall, football, and Florida!

  1. With football games almost every Saturday, you’re almost guaranteed to never have a boring weekend!
I know my planner is already booked every Saturday and is reserved for wearing orange and blue and being in the Swamp. With football season in swing, you know you just have to make it through your week to get to the fun of game day Saturdays. Is there any better way to spend every single weekend?

2. Swaying to We Are the boys

The first time I ever heard We Are the Boys my freshman year at my first game, I got shivers all over my arms. We Are the Boys is truly one of those moments where you feel like you’re part of something completely special. Even if you don’t know the person next to you, you know you have the special bond of being Gators and everyone is connected while singing about how proud we are of our school!

3. Dressing up in orange and blue from head to toe

Whether you’re rockin your SEC Charm and wearing orange and blue dresses with statement necklaces and cowboy boots or you wanna show your spirit by wearing Gator gear, Beat shirts, or Gator football jersey, we all know how fun it can be to be all dressed up to go to a game!

4. People tailgating on every inch of space on campus

Driving through campus on my scooter on game days has got to be one of my favorite things to do. You can literally smell and see game day everywhere; there’s even a certain feeling to it that drenches the air. There are cars and tents on almost every inch of grass on campus with students, alumni, and Gator fans of ALL ages just hanging out and celebrating our beloved team.

5. Tailgate food

Burgers, hot dogs, mac n cheese, chips, corn on the cob, and more! There is no better taste and smell of grills everywhere getting fired up so everyone can chow down and build up their appetites to survive the 3–4 hour football game.

6. Seeing Albert and Alberta

Can you say #relationshipgoals?? We love seeing our favorite couple strolling around on campus on game day! Albert and Alberta have a love as strong as the Gator nation’s love for the Gators.

7. Doing the Gator chomp

Hearing these words…. “What makes us rise? Why do we raise our voices as one? When did you learn the salute, right over left, arms locked at the elbows, ’til it burned in our joints and in our hearts? Each one of us remembers when we felt it the first time, when you looked up and down those bleachers and saw 90,000 saluting alongside you. When you first saw … a Gator.” and then doing the Chomp with our Go Gators! chant is truly a feeling like no other.

8. Seeing the Swamp filled

Entering the Swamp time after time and seeing the sea of orange and blue makes you so happy and feel at home again.

9. The pride you feel for your school and for our beloved Gators

Game days truly remind everyone of how much they love the University of Florida and the Gators. There’s no place like home on a Saturday in Gainesville and in the Swamp, cheering on your favorite team with your closest friends.

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