See you at South by Southwest!

The National Science Foundation will have a big presence at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival in Austin, Texas this year. NSF’s booth (booth #1809) at the Austin Convention Center will feature astronomy, polar and innovation themes, with attendees able to take pictures with a black hole and in front of an Antarctic backdrop wearing Antarctic gear. Attendees will also be able to visit the IceCube Neutrino Observatory and a black hole with virtual reality, see innovative products created by NSF-funded companies, and learn about different technologies used to explore the poles.

PLUS these amazing panels will feature NSF’s Director, NSF experts and NSF-funded researchers and entrepreneurs:

Navigating the New Arctic

Credit: Konrad Steffen, CIRES/University of Colorado at Boulder

In the Future of Oceans series at SXSW, National Science Foundation Director France Córdova will describe the next generation of research and technology development happening in the Arctic. Learn more here.

Nature Inspired Innovation: From Lab to Market

Credit: Bolt Thread

Three scientists-turned-entrepreneurs discuss how they are bringing spider silk proteins, algae and microbes to the business world. Also featuring a program director from NSF’s Industrial Innovation and Partnerships division, which provided seed funding to the companies. Learn more here.

Experimenting in a Microgravity Lab

Credit: NASA/Roscosmos

Come hear what we learn from conducting research in the microgravity environment aboard the International Space Station, featuring National Science Board member and astronaut Dr. Ellen Ochoa. Learn more here.

EHT: A Planetary Effort to Photograph a Black Hole

Credit: NRAO/AUI/NSF; D. Berry/Skyworks

Hear about the Event Horizon Telescope, a global effort to construct an Earth-sized telescope array able to actually “photograph” nearby supermassive black holes — an effort funded by NSF. Learn more here.