Use of odorants to treat male impotence, and article of manufacture therefor

Do lavender, pumpkins, and doughnuts turn you on?

Lavender © Randi Hausken via flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

A method is provided for inducing or enhancing penile erection through the delivery of odorants for inhalation. The administration of odorants provides an increase in blood flow to the penis, and a therapeutic aid to stimulate sexual activity and alleviate male vasculogenic impotence.

Thirty-one men underwent penile blood flow measurements with a bi-directional doppler ultrasound while wearing masks with a total of 46 different odors and 2 control masks.

It was found that the administration of odorants for inhalation by a male individual having a normal olfactory ability effectively increased penile blood flow from about 2–40%, and enhanced sexual arousal. Preferred odorants are those that provided a 20–40% increase in blood flow to the penis, which includes lavender, oriental spice, cola and orange, and odorant mixtures of lavender and pumpkin pie, doughnut and black licorice, and pumpkin pie and doughnut.

For the kind of person who:

gets really turned on by food, especially doughnuts

Alternative use:

The secret to the success of pumpkin spices lattes

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