Reflections on NS GovLab: Cohort one

“The room is full of people from diverse backgrounds, with different viewpoints and experiences, both challenging each other and collaborating to accomplish something different.”

”It isn’t easy to think of creative ideas in a few hours. You often must dig deeper. Without the time, people often produce superficial ideas and rehash old initiatives.”

“This process is challenging and it requires mental focus and creativity.”

”Diversity underpins all aspects of our work- the people, the ideas, the methods- that in my view makes social innovation such a vibrant and gratifying process.”

”The human-centered design process unfolds in a way that isn’t about who’s on first- it’s more like a community dance.”

“The GovLab is a stimulating process.”

“I’ve learned that repeated changes to the initiative we are planning is key to the social innovation process”

“I was surprised — and continue to be surprised — by the patience and detail this process needs to be embraced with.”

”Together as fellows, we have explored new ways of thinking that have pushed us toward more open ended inquiry. It has been tough — nothing worthwhile isn’t.”

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