Bipartisan Group of National Security Leaders Push Back on Trump with International Allies

Noting the strong international reaction to Donald Trump’s recent statements, a bipartisan group of national security experts have joined forces to send a message to allies around the world. This letter was developed by the signatories and is not affiliated with any organizations. At the request of some of the signatories NSLA is posting this content.

To our friends and allies,

On behalf of our colleagues, it is with strength and purpose that we, as a community, assert our collective commitment to our traditional American alliances and the values and principles of our country.

The inflammatory remarks made by Donald Trump do not represent the interests of the United States. Today, we transcend our partisan efforts to reassure the international community that our commitments are unwavering. We stand shoulder to shoulder with our allies throughout the world. In particular, we believe the U.S. must continue to lead and support the NATO Alliance and our Article V commitments to all of our allies, including Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. We stand firm in a commitment to non-proliferation.

As a nation, we value active debate of ideas. But when comments by national leaders threaten to harm the interests of our country, we cannot be idle.

As Americans in the field of national security, we assure you that we will continue to work in the interest of the United States. The strength of our alliances is at the core of those interests.


John Allen, Gen. USMC (Ret.)

Jamie Barnett, RDML USN (Ret.)

Jeremy Bash

Rand Beers

John Bellinger III

Dan Benjamin

Robert Blackwill

Sally Brice-O’Hara, VADM USCG (Ret.)

Max Boot

Nicholas Burns

Kurt Campbell

John G. Castellaw, LTGen. USMC (Ret.)

Michael Chertoff

Derek Chollet

Dan Christman, LTG USA (Ret.)

Wesley Clark, Gen, USA (Ret.)

Eliot Cohen

Rudy deLeon

Jay A. DeLoach, RDM USN (Ret.)

John Douglas, Brig Gen USAF (Ret)

Daniel Drezner

Paul Eaton, MG USA (Ret.)

Eric Edelman

Peter Feaver

Walter Gaskin, LtGen. USMC (Ret.)

Sherri Goodman

David Gordon

Kevin Green, VADM USN (Ret)

Michael Hayden

John Hutson, RADM JAGC USN (Ret.)

Arlen D. Jameson, Lt. Gen. USAF (Ret.)

Robert Kagan

Juliette Kayyem

Claudia Kennedy, LG USA (Ret.)

Donald L. Kerrick, LG USA (Ret.)

Dennis Laich, MG USA (Ret.)

Sen. Carl Levin

Mary Beth Long

John McLaughlin

Bryan McGrath

David McGinnis, BG USA (Ret.)

James N. Miller

John W. Morgan, III LG USA (Ret.)

Tom Nides

David Oliver, RADM USN (Ret.)

Eric Olson, MG USA (Ret)

William J. Perry

Stuart F. Platt, RADM USN (Ret.)

Anne-Marie Slaughter

Walter B. Slocombe

Kori Schake

Vikram J. Singh

James Smith, Brig. Gen. USAF (Ret.)

Julianne Smith

Michael Smith, RMDL USN (Ret.)

Tara Sonenshine

Marianne Watson, BG USA (Ret.)

Willie Williams, LtGen. USMC (Ret.)

Dan Woodward, Brig. Gen. USAF (Ret.)

Maggie Woodward, Maj. Gen. USAF (Ret.)

Stephen N. Xenakis, MD, BG USA (Ret.)

Dov S. Zakheim