So You Want To Fight White Supremacy
Ijeoma Oluo

American Nazis

I understand why you chose to prevent responses. The alt-right toads have that annoying tactic of inundating posts they don’t like with tons of absurd hate logic.

I did want to just mention a couple of things though.

The German Nazis did not limit their hate, and their genocide to just Jews. They also exterminated and persecuted Roma, Communists, LGBT, Unionists as well as mentally and physically impaired. In fact their eugenics program started with euthanizing the mentally and physically impaired. They also went on at length about their anti-African beliefs. So it wasn’t just the Jews they targeted.

Also, this is just me, but I strenuously disagree with this labeling of systemic racial prejudice as white supremacy. I know I’m somewhat out of vogue on this. However I think it is as important to distinguish militant extremist racist groups from systemic racism. They are different mechanisms and participants.

It’s better to call the Klan, TWP etc white supremacist, and the American state, systemic racism.

Just my opinon. Sorry if I’m out of line.