On Leaving the SJW Cult and Finding Myself
Keri Smith

First let’s be plain, there are actual Nazis. There are actual people on the right who ascribe to racist, bigoted beliefs. They think that white christian people are better than people who are not white or are not christian.

They hate gays, muslims and all kinds of other people, because they demand simple answers for complex problems. Their lives are less than ideal, so they put the blame on the other.

The nazis in the United States are numerous enough that while some of them actually call themselves nazis. Some of them go by other names, ‘Identity Evropa’ or some such.

A simplistic person, or an overzealous person might force all the people on the right into one category and say that everyone who is a Republican or Trump supporter is a nazi. I probably said similar things when I was in college.

However people who are actually opposing nazis, like the Antifa, understand that Trump voters are just dupes. Trump and the Republicans are simply the latest iteration of neoliberalism. And the people organizing as nazis are gaining popularity under the Trump administration. In fact they did quite well organizing under the previous administration as well.

You may not take nazis seriously. You may even think they deserve ‘free speech’. I agree that I do not want the government stepping in to prevent nazis from shooting their mouths off.

However I’m not going to stop raining on their parade.