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Georgia is hardly a haven of ‘liberal whites’.

Not all white people are liberals, and not all white people are timid about their racism. Like any other ethnic group, there are liberal, open minded whites, and conservative closed minded whites.

I fail to see anywhere in this article that the author demonstrates that these terrible racist people that do not want to live next to Asians, are actually liberals. There is one apocryphal comment about the same people ‘who decry the police killings of unarmed African Americans, do not hesitate to tell me they do not want their children measured against Asians during the critical four years of grades that will make up the bulk of college application materials.’

That is hardly damning, any of us who have embarrassing racist co-workers are familiar with the over-compensating racist who will say anything to make sure the new ethnic person at work doesn’t perceive them as racist.

I am also puzzled as to why the author strives to make this connection between racist suburban whites and liberals. Jones Creek is after all represented by a Republican in Congress.