Democrats can’t have both
Brooke Butler

I agree with a lot of points here. The anguish of the rust belt unemployed will not be appeased unless they can get some tech skills. We are sending tech support jobs to India because they have the tech skills. 
However statements like “Democrats defend equal pay, living wages and unions. But the white working class has a vested interest in white supremacy.”
Are irksome. It is impossible to deny that their is a racial divide in this country. But the very term white supremacy conjures images of Klan members and skinheads. It is unfair to lump white people who benefit from a rigged system that they may not agree with, in with people who actively engender hateful, venal racism. It’s divisive and does not fix anything. 
To be plain we do not have the same type of racism enshrined in law that French Algeria or Apartheid South Africa once did.

We have social bigotry, and a resurgence of racism and xenophobia.

Personally I happen to know a wide range of people. From Phillipino American Christian Conservatives to African American liberals. And a bunch of whites of various political stripes.

I do not blame the election on the scapegoat of racism. Trump and his cadre are surely giant bigots. Instead I blame the FBI’s James Comey. I blame Wikileaks for going against previous operating methods and releasing leaks timed intentionally to affect the election, unredacted. And in metered out dribs and drabs instead of one big dump.

Most of all I blame the newsmedia. They let Kellyanne Conway, Jefferey Lorde and Corey Lewandowski run off at the mouth uninterrupted and unchallenged.

Of all the times I saw these jackasses and their associates spew lies, half truths and complete fabrications, I can recall only a handful of times that they were called out for their bullshit. Mostly they just waited patiently while the newscaster said their bit, then as soon as they were cued they just recited racist, xenophobic nativist crap peppered with factual inaccuracies or bald faced lies, as fast as possible.

How many times did we have to hear BLM compared to a hate group. Mexicans called criminals. Clinton called a criminal. All without basis in fact and no repudiation or clarification from the ‘journalists’.

Pointed questions are never answered, only used as a pivot towards Benghazi, email servers and Bill Clinton’s blowjobs.

The newsmedia spent hundreds of hours of broadcast pointing at the latest Trump tweet. And worse, they routinely let Trump call in and run his mouth again, without challenging the factual basis of anything he said.

How many times did I tune in to CNN or MSNBC to see an empty podium on screen for half an hour. The newscaster waiting patiently for Trump to finish grabbing fans by their nethers and doing big league lines of cocaine off of something doubtless goldplated.

Blaming Trump’s election on racism is an overly simple answer to a complicated problem. The same as racism itself is an overly simple answer for a complicated world.

“World bad, I blame…”.