Every Episode of Star Wars, Ranked
Garrett Foster

I’ll ignore your reasons for the rankings, as I disagree on a multitude of finer points. As would just about anyone who has thought about this seriously.

But Revenge of the Sith needs to be at the bottom of the list. That movie was so badly done I could hardly sit through it!

The editing is awful It give the impression that there were about a dozen loose threads that have to be wrapped up before the next installment of the story (that being the Episode IV). And they only just realized this after editing the first 2/3rds of the movie.

That and well the cringe-scene of stumpy Anakin rolling around in lava.

Was this really something that need to be done?

Try explaining Star Wars to your little nephew.

Well there are these 4 movies that are really really good, and you will probably love them very much. But I should warn you that there are also three other movies that are bad, and one is so bad it may make you scared of watching any Star Wars ever again.