This 10-Minute Routine Will Increase Your Clarity And Creativity
Benjamin P. Hardy

One of the things that is helpful for me is to make certain aspects of creative work routine. Do something every single day. Even if it is just writing an outline, cropping images, or coming up with a patch on your keyboard.

As a musician I’ve achieved some of my best results when I was not actively trying to write a song, but rather was just trying out some stuff for fun.

It’s possible that not pushing to create a result allows your creative impulses to come out in a more natural fashion. I don’t know. I do know that the more often I get in and work on stuff. The better I get. I develop better discernment. My ability to get through the mundane tasks of creative endeavors become muscle memory, so the barriers which impede completion of projects are no longer quite as high.

Also it is important to get past the tyranny of the blank page. It’s far better to have 10 really crappy drawings, or 10 pages written than none. You can always iterate on what you did create. Using it as a starting point for a more refined version that you might not be embarrassed to see your name on.

Staring at a white page and waiting for inspiration to come is too precious. Get over yourself. Creativity is not a magical blue light that guides your hand. It’s simply a series of choices. Trust yourself to make those choices.