How to choose a laptop for programming
Ayo Isaiah

Reasons I chose my 2015 MacBook Pro 15".

First off I went with the Mac platform because it is, at it’s core, a Posix compliant Unix operating system. When you install NPM and Brew you can get your local machine behaving just like your Linux webserver.

You can get a LAMP stack up, Node, NGINX etc. About the only thing I can’t do is replicate my AWS environment.

Now of course I could have purchased a Lenovo, Asus or some other quality machine and installed Ubuntu or Centos and had much the same for less cash outlay. However I’m a big user of Adobe Creative Suite (well CC actually but I hates that names. Hates it). So I end up paying quite a bit extra for a machine that is in the Adobe universe.

Also, my MacBook will be a backup 2nd machine for doing audio and video production stuff. And all of that is on thunderbolt or firewire to thunderbolt thingies. So again another arrow pointing directly at Apple. As the only non-Apple laptops I’ve seen with Thunderbolt are massive, heavy desktop replacement style machines.

I work with VMs a lot. So one of my priorities was to have a quad core processor. Speed was less important than being able to have more than 2 cores.

16gb because, VMs and also Adobe stuff.

I went with the 2015 Macbook (a refurb!) because it saved me a couple hundred bucks over a a brand new 15" Macbook.

Also because I am just not ready to make a jump to USB-C/TB3. Until I get around to eliminating all the firewire stuff in my video/audio production rig, my 2nd machine has to be able to jump in and substitute for my main computer (6 core Mac Pro cylinder) in a pinch.