Come, sit beside the fire. I wish to tell you a story…

It’s been a while since my fingertips danced across the keyboard, recording my thoughts and dreams. I’ve been busy, indulging in a cross-country road trip with my family, starting a new job, and dropping my eldest son off to college for the first time.

Now the house is quiet, the chores done, and I realize I can write once again, but where to start? I have three novels that I’m working on, and many ideas to blog. But the thoughts that keep running around in my head are actually questions: Why do I write? Now that the children are older, is this how I should continue to spend my time? Is any of this worth it?

Yet could I stop writing, even if I tried? Who am I without this outlet?

It’s a terrible thing to be haunted by stories. Each of them clamoring to come out at once, vying for my attention like jealous siblings. But worse is that moment when you have a novel ready for others to read, but have a mountain to climb before you can share it with the readers. Gone is the role of the storyteller as entertainer of the clan. Gone are the days where we gathered around the fire at night to hear a story from the wise ones. Instead we read our news from the internet, get our lessons from text books, and discuss our moral dilemmas on internet channels such as Reddit and Facebook.

Moreover, our stories are told by producers and directors in Hollywood, or distributed by publishers in New York. These are gatekeepers of an extreme nature. The democracy of Reddit, YouTube and Medium allow those of us with a story to tell to find readers quite easily. But novels and films are still a challenge for anyone to break into. In the meantime, the story begins to go cold.

Yet perhaps the fire isn’t gone? Perhaps even a novel can be shared as soon as it’s told. While we no longer gather around the bonfire together at night, we can pull out our smartphone and enter spaces such as the Kindle bookstore, or Wattpad, and read to our heart’s content. And one thing both the Kindle world as well as Wattpad have in common is the ease at which an author can share his or her writing. Posting new chapters to Wattpad is as easy as posting a blog on Medium. Simple really, and if you’re into that sort of thing, this technology allows readers to experience the story as it’s written, chapter by chapter.

So while I’ll continue to pitch my other novels to agents over and over, I still want to share my ideas with you, the reader. Stories are a wonderful way to address the realms of technology and consciousness, and that’s what my eHuman Trilogy has been since the beginning — an exercise in playing with the concepts of immortality at the cost of becoming a networked being, and the consequences of such a gift.

If this topic interests you, perhaps you’d enjoy checking out the rewrite of my first novel, eHuman Dawn. I’m posting it on Wattpad as I go, and while it will eventually be edited by a professional and re-published on Amazon Kindle, in the meantime I want to share it as each chapter is written. Come read as I write, and ponder the future with me. It’s always intriguing to meet up and share in cyberspace.

I don’t want to wait, the time to tell this story is now. Come, sit by the fire with me, click here, and let me tell you a story.

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