NTENT Senior Director of Data Analytics to Speak at Search Solutions 2019

Nov 26 · 2 min read

NTENT Senior Director of Data Analytics, Andreas Kaltenbrunner, will give a talk titled, Semantic Mobile Search, depicting NTENT’s technology at Search Solutions 2019 happening in London, UK on Tuesday, November 26.

A principal component of semantic search is the ability to predict the intention behind a query, done through semantic query understanding and semantic ranking. NTENT’s technology goes beyond traditional search engines by adding semantic relations between the entities and concepts found within a query and the various documents retrieved from various data sources.

To do this, NTENT incorporates a four-stage process of machine learning that involves selecting which data sources are used to answer the query, the ranking of the answers selected by the data source, the ranking of the data sources, followed by multiple levels of intention selection to lead to the final answers shown. Each stage is language independent but may use language-dependent features.

Search Solutions is the UK’s premier place to flaunt the latest innovations in search and information retrieval. Through a program that includes presentations, panels, and keynote talks from industry leaders the event promotes a high level of interaction with limited attendance standards.

Connect with NTENT if you’re planning to attend the event or visit our site to learn more about our technology.

About NTENT: NTENT is a leading provider of Search and Conversational AI. Using the company’s proprietary search engine and natural language technologies, we make it easy for our partners to customize and integrate search and conversational intelligence directly into their applications while maintaining their data, brand and customer relationships. NTENT gives companies a competitive edge by capturing meaningful data insights, allowing them to optimize time spent on research, development and deliver better customer experiences.


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