Recruiting in an AI World for an A+ Company

Jan 24, 2019 · 3 min read

by Joseph Bennett, Sr. Technical Recruiter at NTENT

At NTENT, Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays an integral role in our search and voice technology, powering solutions that help businesses meet growing customer demand during evolutionary times. As a recruiter for a growing AI company like NTENT, I find my work equally as exciting, with its share of both challenges and rewards. Over the past two years, my manager and I have built a recruiting process that transforms talented candidates into NTENTionalists who provide a hyper-relevant search experience that powers the world around us.

First, we scout candidates who will help us grow by utilizing various sourcing web platforms and our ATS system to find the right fit. We also attend industry events and career fairs loaded with fresh talent. The last event we attended was a career fair at UCSD that had an excellent turnout. It gave us the chance to chat with many talented candidates just entering the workforce that resulted in quite a few offers.

Meeting the next generation of great minds at our UCSD career fair.

Getting candidates excited about what NTENT has to offer is one of the best parts of my job! Working with NTENT is a unique opportunity to tackle complex problems usually reserved for a handful of large companies in the search industry, with skill sets that include experience with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Big Data. Every day is an opportunity to take on different projects other companies might not have to offer. This can range from building out personal assistant speakers/devices to cataloging widgets utilized on mobile devices. At our Carlsbad office where I am based, we are the development epicenter of NTENT’s technology, but we pride ourselves on having a startup culture that is collaborative and hands-on at all our locations. We are a family of NTENTionalists and we love what we do. While most of my recruiting at NTENT has been focused on technical positions due to the types of growth we are seeing, we also have marketing, sales and office support positions coming into view as we expand. And though we devote our days to solving complex problems, we also know how to have fun! Many NTENTionalists enjoy activities together like hiking, rock climbing, yoga and cycling. Ping-pong is a popular way to blow off some steam at our office, (though I tend to lose quite a lot.)

Some of our Vienna, VA crew top off an afternoon at TopGolf.
NTENTionalists show their Halloween spirit at our Carlsbad, CA office.

At NTENT we know our success is a direct result of the input from our team and recognizing that effort is extremely important to us. Each month the entire company attends a Product meeting where we share our accomplishments and highlight individuals who work diligently to help us meet and exceed our goals. We also provide an annual bonus that directly reflects the hard work and achievements of each employee. Since education and training are key staples to remaining on top of the ever-changing environment in which we work, NTENT has been known to offer development paths to employees who wish to grow in their careers but who may lack the necessary expertise.

If you are looking to make your next move into the AI industry, visit our careers page. Come join our unique group of brilliant minds intent on discovering, learning, and building.

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