Telcos and ODMs Don’t Have to Pay the Costs of Google’s EU Punishment

Dec 4, 2018 · 3 min read

Avoid paying for Google’s apps by using NTENT’s comparable applications

By Kerstin Recker, VP of Account Development and Marketing for NTENT

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After being fined $5 billion by the European Commission for antitrust violations in July, Google announced changes to the way it licenses its suite of Android apps in Europe. To recoup the cost, Google is charging a licensing fee to device manufacturers and telcos who wish to use its mobile application suite, with separate license fees for the Search app and Chrome browser. The fees went into effect on October 29 for all new smartphones and tablets launched in the EEA, marking another significant blow to the bottom line for Operators and ODMs who stand to lose over $50 billion by 2022, while OTT operators like Google, Amazon and Alibaba continue to rise in value.

To Drive Growth and Gain Independence from Google, Telcos Need to Think Digitally

To grow in this new competitive landscape operators must modify their traditional business models by considering alternative digital services like search engines, browser, video and voice services. Telecommunications market leaders poised for success are pushing ahead and building digital businesses with alternative technology partners to gain independence from Google, Amazon and major digital conglomerates. Turkcell developed Yaani, its own Turkish search engine along with a suite of apps like Bip, Fizy, and Paycell. AT&T’s acquisition of Time Warner and AppNexus creates an unprecedented marketplace for television and digital video advertising. Singtel-owned Amobee purchased Kontera and Adconian to accommodate a budding need to serve up real-time, personalized consumer marketing, while Telenor acquired retargeting startup, Tapad, to initiate ad tech advancement.

To combat Google’s new tariffs for use of their apps, device makers and operators can reject fees for Chrome and Google Search by opting to work with competing browsers and search engines like NTENT, who specialize in helping Telcos and device manufacturers build the right portfolio of digital services that will position them for growth in the coming decade and avoid paying Google another dime.

Telcos can Compete in the New Digital Era with NTENT

With over 20 years in search, machine learning and AI, NTENT offers an end-to-end Search and Voice Assistant Platform integrated with data intelligence, ad monetization and conversational commerce that can be localized to any geography/region. NTENT’s end-to-end technology solution enables Telcos and device manufacturers to generate revenues from search, voice, video and data. We can white-label and customize the search engine, voice assistants and browsers based on our partner’s needs, integrating directly with customer applications/experiences.

In addition, NTENT provides our partners with significant data insights to help them improve market offerings, increase engagements and generate revenues. Plus, our advertising revenue split favors our partners significantly more than Google, without being subject to anti-competitive and political bias scrutiny.

With OTT providers eroding revenues from telcos and device manufacturers, and Google shifting the burden of fines from the European Commission to the backs of service providers and distributors, NTENT’s technology provides an excellent alternative to Google Search and Chrome. It allows operators and device manufacturers to thrive in a rapidly changing market and stay competitive in the digital services ecosystem without paying the price for Google’s bad behavior. It’s time for telcos and device manufacturers to embrace alternative market opportunities, rebuild their market positions and create innovative offerings for customers — or continue to pay the piper.

Learn more about NTENT: NTENT provides a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), allowing industry partners to customize, localize and integrate Voice Assistant and Search technologies directly into their business-to-consumer offerings. NTENT utilizes a machine learning algorithmic approach to comprehend massive amounts of information across the web. Through the company’s proprietary search engine, ontology and knowledge graph, NTENT makes it easier to decipher meaning, surfacing the most relevant answers, results, content and ads, via conversational interfaces or text. NTENT delivers effortless search, voice, and browsing experiences through proprietary AI-based technology to empower everyone who engages with your brand. Fueled by artificial intelligence, semantic search, data analytics and machine learning, NTENT delivers predictive insights and ad monetization that allow your business to continually improve and scale.

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