Let’s skip the Hype and focus on the technology

First of all , please forgive me for my english, i’m pretty sure that i’ll commit a lot of mistakes , but i think the message is pretty important and for the sake of getting more people involved, it deserves to be written in english.

The main idea of this post is -> Media & Marketing are “killing us” as professionals (Serious and biased sentence , but let me explain it)

We live in the era of buzzwords , fast market and hyper-connected people. Everyday we read words like “disruptive”, “next generation”, and all kind of adjectives for “selling” products. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean we have to stop to sell software/hardware products, everyone has to pay bills, but I think that we really have to face the way products are selling nowadays.

I’m feeling quite alarmed when product’s launch time is more important than the product itself (I mean the cases in which some companies launch a product prematurely because they truly believe in the Time To Market thing).

With this “market pressure”, some CTO’s tend to go and look for “fast solutions” that could help them to solve most of their problems, loosing the big picture about software development (maintenance, consistency , in other words CONTROL of what you are developing). If you are lucky and your CTO is an experienced developer, he/she will be able to filter what fits better in a long term, but as I previously said time matters and if you want to be successful in the long term, you’ll need some room for studying several factors (Looks like a challenging balance, isn’t it?). But if you are out of luck and your CTO take decisions based on the last HackerNews or Redit post, you are going to suffer…

The chance to mitigate this effect is in our hands. If we explain better true facts, if we are able to detect early some misconceptions and communicate to the CTO, i think we’ll be able to improve our team and our profession.

Don’t trust people based on the company they work, trust them for true facts (ie. projects they maintain, the way they argue…, how they document)

There are lots of interesting projects without the same visibility as the “popular” and main-stream ones.

Please don’t forget the most important thing for me: If you want to take truly control over your software, you’ll have to get your hands dirty. Let’s skip the “magic” other want to sell us, and start to enjoy our work and make better products.

Hope you like it.

I truly recommend this talk of the last CodeMesh from Alvaro Videla:

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