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I too am conflicted. Mr. Sanders is the candidate most closely aligned with my ideals. I want a revolution that changes our political system but I also need to know that the business of the people is getting done. Changing the system while making sure the work gets done is a tall order. I think the change has to come from within Congress with the agenda and the leadership coming from the White House. With Bernie’s 25+ years in politics, he’s been unable to move his agenda forward which doesn’t mean the agenda doesn’t have value, but if he wasn’t able to affect change in 25 years, how is he going to do it in four? Hence, your question asking “how are you going to fix the broken down bus” is valid. I too would like to know how he is going to do this in 4/8 years that is different from the past 25 years. It is hard to change a culture, we have all seen how painfully difficult it’s been for Obama but it is worth the pain if it actually ends in change. We need specifics and we need to know how he is going to get other politicians to ride the bus with him.

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