one + two= one

they say to look at great romances like Mr. Darcy & Ms. Bennet

drop your Prejudice and Pride, maybe you’ll earn a bride

but all we ever need is to see the things around us

look east, look west, look up.

the sun and the moon is the greatest love story still being written

oneness and duality do you understand where i’m gettin’

— at.

synchronicity defined in their dynamic, in tuned like a flawless turn in a ceramic

both giving the earth what it needs like it’s its child

and yet self-sufficient that they don’t need each other in what they can provide.

are you still keeping up?

pay attention, here’s the lesson: summers in the North Pole, the sun alone in its soul

‘but I’ll never long for the moon, just another 3 months and she’ll be here soon, and if she decides to never appear, I can still do my job for the world’s atmosphere. No moon can dim my shine, for I am all I need in my lifetime.’

we should be like them, we should love like them

independent and dependent of one another

immortal love — isn’t that what we all want?

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