Top 5 reasons why Nuremberg is a fantastic place for entrepreneurs


Access to highly skilled professionals

Nuremberg and the greater Nuremberg area has a vast amount of great public schools. Namely we have Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Technische Hochschule Georg Simon Ohm, University of Applied Sciences Ansbach and the University of Applied Sciences Amberg-Weiden.


Major transit gateway

Not only are we connected to high speed rail services, but also we have our own super efficient airport serving as a hub to reach all mayor desitinations in Europe. Additionally our sea port is not only for commercial ships, but also functions as a port where tourists go on holidays.

Last, but equally important is the fact that Nuremberg is surrounded by three mayor freeways spreading in all directions.


Affordable rent

While Nuremberg isn’t quiet as affordable anymore as it used to be a couple of years ago, you can still find some good office spaces for your new company. It is pretty common to pay a brokerage commission, but you can find places that rent out directly. I guess rent prices reflect the overall power of the Nuremberg economy and the purchasing power of our inhabitants.


Mayor transformation process going on

During the last 15 years, major former big companies went bankrupt because they failed to adjust for the 21st century and the digitalization of the internet age. This left a big hole in the economical power of Nuremberg. We are just re-discovering. and re-inventing our place in the world with a new striving service industry and some highly innovative industrial companies.


Nuremberg is family friendly

Nuremberg is on the way to become the most family friendly region in Germany. Highly skilled professionals are in high demand. Living in a family friendly city can help attract and keep those people that we all need to run our businesses.

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