The Buyers Problems with HR Tech

CBInsights HR Tech Market Map published in March 2016 —

CB Insights is a well known analyst firm globally and I personally love their work. I use a lot of the data published by them to make sense of the HR Tech space.

So you might be wondering whats wrong with this image of 125 HR Tech Companies published by a reputed source like CBInsights

Now lets look at a recently published blog post on CBInsights again with 125 HR Tech Companies

When I look at this from the lens of an HR Tech Buyer, I see following challenges

  1. From 8 sub categories in March to 13 sub categories in November these 2 images indicate the further breaking up of HR Tech in finer niches. How do I know which niche I want to buy?
  2. With so much specialisation happening in HR Tech — How do I buy a solution in which I have to stitch these niches together? What happens to candidate experience then?
  3. With 56 names common between these 2 lists it indicates 55% of HR Tech companies losing mind share? How do I hence select an HR Tech Partner who doesn’t vanish in thin air within a Year?
  4. Visible presence of Chinese players in the latest list. I also see few Indian players — What does that indicate? — Is the competition becoming more local or global?
  5. What about M&A — Who is buying what? What should I expect in the future?

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