Snapchat’S Biggest Star, Live & Unfiltered

Tonight Nue Agency is very excited to be producing CRWN featuring DJ Khaled, the first breakthrough star of Snapchat. I’m excited to hear his insights on why he’s so successful with this powerful medium.

It was interesting, this past weekend I felt like I was at Coachella as I watched it all on Snapchat. It almost cures my FOMO. Here in NYC I had the privilege of attending the first ever Tribeca Snapchat Awards. Although the event lacked star power (Call Nue Agency next time), it was exciting to see all of the creative ways that story tellers are innovating on the platform. I just wish these stories lived longer than 24 hours.

That’s the big issue I see with Snapchat, how do you measure success and engagement with a disappearing moment? With Twitter and Instagram it’s obvious. But with Snapchat, If you didn’t catch the Snap that day, you missed out. How can you measure success in that world? Facebook seems to have the potential to monetize that space with their click through action and reach, but will they? It remains to be seen.

I’m sure DJ Khaled will have some things to say to Elliott Wilson about it. Yes, there will be a Snapchat filter. You can Tweet questions using the hashtag #CRWNKhaled. Salute to Twitter Music.

And more exciting news, this is our first special airing on TV. The airdate is Wednesday, April 27 at 11pm on MTV2. We are very excited about that. Thank you MTV for believing in CRWN.

Last chance for Tickets here:

Spread the word about our on airdate April 27th on MTV2!

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