Will New Age Music Move Into The Mainstream In 2016?

January is a perfect time to cleanse, refresh and start the year a new. That has been my central theme this month and the sound track to the week was mainly powered by a spiritual healer and extremely talented New Age musician Porangui.

I first met Porangui at SXSW while he played some of the most unique instruments I’ve ever seen during a hot Yoga class at Black Swan Yoga (He’s going to be back there this year by the way too). The experience was very moving. We connected and built a relationship and he hit me up for his ever trip to NY last week for the APAP conference. APAP is the worlds largest convening of the performing artists industry. It’s a great place to showcase and network non-traditional, worldly sounds for relevant buyers and event organizers. It struck me that New Age music has the potential to really make some big moves into the mainstream music industry in 2016. There are so many aspects of new age music that have already filtered into mainstream consciousness. Health and wellness are top of mind for Boomers and Millennials. Eating healthy, exercising, meditation are all parts of the everyday lives of millions of people around the world. The calming vibes of New age music is perfect for these activities to not only provide a soundtrack for people but also be a crucial part of the healing process.

Last week I experienced Porangui’s live show, aka a “Sound Bath” three times in three different unique experiences including a party that Nue, curated for him at the Soho House. It was a special night and some of our favorite folks were there including the founders of DayBreaker, The Big Quiet and The New Music Seminar.

I learned that the power of a good Sound Bath is euphoric. It opened up my mind and heart to fresh feelings and thoughts. The connecting & healing power of music and unique instrumentation is like no other and can really evoke strong emotional responses.

I went into the weekend feeling clearer and lighter than ever. It reminder me again of the power of music and that there are unconventional ways to experience and go deeper in self reflection. The whole process was so enriching that it made me wonder how much longer until the Yoga studio becomes another venue for new age musicians? And with the thousands of Yoga studios and now meditation spaces around the country, the question becomes how much longer until New Age music becomes a big part of the health crazy that has taken over?

So as “sober” January comes to an end it’s time to think about February. My new favorite song right now is Kanye’s”No More Parties in LA”. Ironically, that is certainly not the case, as my focus is shifting to exactly the opposite. Award Season and all of the events, conferences and performances in LA all month long. There is a lot of opportunity out there and a lot happening in the worlds of music, tech and culture.

You can certainly catch me speaking at the Digital Entertainment World Expo in Century City on Feb 10th and here is the discount code if you’d still like to register and attend.

Cheers with Chlorophyll Water and Matcha Green Tea for now.

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