Introducing Nuklear’s Staking System

Nuklear is a deflationary token that was created to be utilized in the new PVP gambling platform without a house edge. The gambling platform will be operative in the Q1 2020. That is, in the first three months of the year.

Nuklear’s gaming platform users will have absolute control over the percentage bet. The gaming system will thus have a Zero percent house edge.

To fast-track the growth and development of this token over time, another fundamental incentive will be accrued to the 100 largest token holders.

Description Of The Staking System

The token created by Nuklear is in the class of its own as far as deflationary tokens are concerned. That is why it has come up with an initiative that allows staking for the 100 largest holders of Nuklear tokens. …


NUKlear Token

The #1 Self-Destructing and Dividend Distribution Token NUKlear is not a simple Self-Burning Token! It’s more that this.

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