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Jun 12, 2017 · 7 min read

During the past 5 months, our startup founders were immersed in an intensive business development program, receiving mentorship from our team and a panorama of sector-relevant experts, while evolving into savvy CEOs with executive powers. On January 16th we kicked off our program and on June 8th we proudly presented to you the startups of Batch 15 during #NUMADemoDay!

NUMA Mexico 2017 Startups


Atend is transforming home care in Mexico with a socially responsible model, focused on delivering patient-centered care while empowering a vulnerable working class such as home care professionals, to better labor conditions. Atend accomplished an aggregate monthly income of over 400K MXN, with 180 home care professionals registered in the network, 80 weekly patients, 95% of new clients referred by other clients or doctors, seed capital of $100K USD, and the winner of AXA Health CHALLENGE.

Mateo Hernandez Romieu, CEO/Co-founder of Atend

Disculpe Doctor allows you to chat with your doctor 24–7. They are aiming to be the best communication tool between doctors and patients. They have 36 doctors registered in the first 2 months of operation, more than 3,000 medical consultations via platform.

Paul Zavalza, CTO | Daniel Gill, CEO

Luzi is a wearable digital control system for your upcoming baby. An integral prenatal care that involves daily pregnancy monitoring, precise risk measuring and Q&A features through an artificial intelligence that analyzes your symptoms and vital signs. Luzi achieved pre-sales of 1,000 wearables for a pilot project and collaboration with the Secretary of Health of Acapulco state.

Marco Ruiz, CSO | Vivian Landa, PA | Andrea Sarabia, CEO

Mediprint makes personalized medical devices using 3D printing. One of their inventions is the “Yeso 3D” NovaCast that helps patients with fractures, sprains and/or dislocations. Mediprint accomplished $950,000 MXN net revenue from clients and is now a direct provider to Hospital Juárez de México, filed a patent registration and won 3 international and 5 national competitions in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Zaid Badwan Peralta, CEO & team members

Muralmed is a smart clinical and admin assistant that helps the entire health sector by providing hospitals, clinics, and private practices the ability to register, maintain, and manage electronic health records in & between health services, prevent medical error in prescriptions, and automatically produce and send claims to insurance companies. Muralmed is administrating 5,500 patients via clinics and the pharma industry and was an AXA Challenge Health 2016 Winner.

Luis Lojero, CEO

Suggestic allows for precision eating to help you lose weight, reduce disease-risk and improve your health. Using artificial intelligence, Suggestic learns about you, your food preferences and the latest nutritional science to suggest your optimal food choices anytime, anywhere. Suggestic signed 10 distribution contracts with top healthcare organizations and brands, has 3 pilots and studies approved with a US-based insurance company and two leading universities, and reached 98.5% accuracy in their deep learning models and filled 6 provisional patents for their technology.

Shai Rozen, CMO & Co-founder


Coconutt is an integral solutions technology for customer service (CS), powered by artificial intelligence. They help you integrate distinct messenger, sales, and CS tools in one single place, using APIs. In less than 2 months of operations: they have 3 pilot projects with Boletia, Transpais and Suggestic, intelligent chatbot fully developed and working, Zendesk fully integrated, and $160,000 MXN generated in sales.

Jorge Luis Soto Larralde, CEO

Crowdsquad is a more organic, authentic, and much cheaper way to do marketing. Using artificial intelligence, Crowdsquad connects your brand to relevant “microinfluencers,” who are “normal” people with a high rate of influence among their friends and affinity groups on social media. Within 1 month of pilot operations: Crowdsquad has 20 demos scheduled, 400 leads in the restaurant sector, 3,000 micro-influencers registered, and a partnership with IBM Watson and Bluemix.

Gabriel Garavit, CEO

El Centro en Linea is inventing a whole new concept of “downtown city center markets” — a wholesale online marketplace where city center wholesalers can connect with buyers from all over Mexico and Latin America. They organize and modernize, not destroy and compete against, the traditional commerce in Latin America. In 5 months of operation, they have 274 transactions, 115 active customers, 63% recurring customers, and 24 suppliers.

Daniel Waiser, CEO

Giro is the first medical transport service for non-emergency patients. They help patients make it to their follow-up appointments, whether it be for post-surgery, chronic disease, or senior citizen’s regular checkups. In 1.5 months of operation, they have 3 clinics (Sala Uno, Medica Santa Carmen, and Sance) participating in a pilot project and 50 drivers registered in the Giro network.

Víctor Sosa, CLO | Paola González, CEO

iSensu Drones is a Franco-Mexican Drone company for the construction and publicity industries. Their drones and proprietary software system can help clients with: topography, cartography, site inspection, infrared, and other types of monitoring such as security information, materials storage, etc. Since 2016 they have generated $750,000 MXN in construction and $250,000 MXN in publicity.

Leslye Velázquez Colin, Co-CEO & Co-founder

JULU is a medical technology company that offers an integral treatment for infants with positional skull deformities, also known as flat head syndrome. Babies and their families that come to JULU receive: software diagnosis, technical evaluation and if required an orthotic helmet. All of them developed by JULU founders and tested in the National Institute of Pediatrics (INP) of Mexico. They have accomplished $30,000 USD net revenue in 2016, 400 babies treated using JULU, and 1,000 consultations and guidance given to families.

Julio García / CEO

Laboratorios Mikros is a specialized diagnostics laboratory for disease prevention that uses predictive tests and medicine. Its main product, Simone, is a self-diagnostics urine test for HPV infections for both women and men, that can be easily done at the commodity of a home. In 1 month of pilot operations, they have 50 users and 200 pre-sales of diagnostic kits, 3 company leads generating 200 pre-sales and 22 sales, collaboration with CONACYT and UTC, and medical protocol validation currently at 60%.

Patricia Rodil, CEO

Monkey Philosophy is a co-creative space in Design, Fashion, Art, Technology and Innovation, based​ on radical collaboration to create solutions to real social problems base​d on human values. Within 3 months of operations, they 7 courses created with more than 50 students registered, $300,000 MXN net revenue, and hosted 10 events of radical collaboration with strategic communities with the purpose: consolidate The Creative Industries.

Paola Romo Founder

NUBIX simplifies imagenology by connecting radiologists with doctors. They help radiologists and doctors store, send, and receive radiological interpretations all in the cloud, making the remote interpretation process easier and faster than ever. NUBIX has 2 pilot projects underway in 1 clinic and 1 hospital, a network of 30 participating radiologists, and a team of more than 10 years of accumulated experience in healthcare and technology.

Alejandro Romero, Commercial Director | Erick Hernández CDO | Amiel Rosales, CEO | Arturo Jain, CTO

Terappi brings psychological therapy closer to you than ever in the most private and accessible way. Their mental health experts are always available for a consultation and a long-term treatment via video chat, all on the Terappi platform. In 4 weeks of operations they have achieved: 400 leads, 7 certified therapists registered in the network, and institutional partnership is in conversation with UNAM and the National Institute of psychiatrists.

Jorge Ricardo García Castro, Founder & CEO

Thermy offers intelligent thermographic solutions to the biggest challenges in sports and healthcare industry. They use thermographic technology for preventive detections, incorporating machine learning and AI that predicts a level of risk. They have achieved 10,000 tests scheduled in collaboration with the Secretary of Health of Mexico City, 18,000 tests with Doctora Rosa, and they are in conversation with Club Tijuana and Club Santos Laguna.

Kevin Andrés Hernández Santiago, CTO | Luis Enrique Gomez, COO/CFO
NUMA Mexico

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We build future-proof organizations and tech startups by making change happen faster with greater impact.

NUMA Mexico

Written by

We build future-proof organizations and tech startups by making change happen faster with greater impact.

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