Meet our Batch 14

We found them! After 2 months of an arduous selection process, we are excited to introduce the 19 startups that will join NUMA Mexico’s Batch 14. We reviewed over 200 applications, and interviewed 100 entrepreneurs from Mexico and the rest of Latin America.

Many thanks to NUMA Mexico’s mentors for helping us with this important task, and to Patricia Galán Lara for the cool pictures!

Fernanda Millán, cofounder ALMAShopping

ALMAShopping is the first beauty e-commerce, content and community platform in Latin America. It uses a subscription business model to send samples and beauty products. Their business model therefore replicates the “purchasing process of beauty products” in a 3 step approach: Trial, Referrals and Availability.

Vera Makarov, Apli founder.

Apli on demand certified workers for the Latin American gig economy. Apli solves the problems of high rotation of unskilled employees and seasonality by providing on-demand certified workers to help companies maintain their service levels and take advantage of demand peaks. No existing competitors are able to offer same-day hiring of qualified workers.

Octavio Jiménez, founder Arvolution.

Arvolution 360 video streaming platform for concerts, sports events and shows, bringing people closer to amazing experiences at a more affordable price.

María José Madero, Eduardo Paullsen, Mariana Castillo & Beni Pérez de Ben & Frank / Photo: Nancy López / Entrepreneur:

Ben & Frank high-quality and affordable fashion glasses to your home. Customers take an eyesight test, pick up to 3 pairs of glasses on the website which are then delivered to their homes to try them on, keep the ones they like the most and return the rest of them.

Christopher Roldán and Julio Morales, Bistro co-founders

Bistro provides a cloud based Business Intelligence software for restaurants. It integrates with the current POS, pulls information from social networks, site reviews, and provides business owners with an easy-to-use graphical tool for decision making.

Erick Rivera, Jorge Cano, Adán Corona, Benjamín Loza, and Francisco Martínez, Coatl co-founders

Coatl developed a gesture control software. Urband is the first wristband that allows users to control a music player, dismiss incoming calls or even fly a drone with a simple movement. The possibilities for gesture control technologies are infinite in the healthcare and consumer industries.

Quetzal Montes, and Juan Pablo Chávez.

Finve is the crowdlending platform that offers accessible and affordable loans to SMEs. The loans are funded by investors, who get high yield rates for their investment.

Mateo Serrano, and Andrea Valenzuela from Geek Education.

Geek Education is an online community marketplace that connects students and parents to tutors offering private lessons in a wide variety of subjects. Geek aims to find the perfect tutor at the right time with access to pre-screened and peer reviewed options.

Jaime Azrad, Linda Bucay, Raul De Zamacona, Alejandro Aristi, and Miguel Cabral from Investigga.

Investigga is a crowdfunding platform for the development of scientific, technologic, academic and journalistic research projects. It reduces conflicts of interest in research, and democratizes the creation of knowledge, building bridges between researchers and the people that would benefit from their findings and developments.

Hernán Madariaga, Lavo2Auto co-founder

Lavo2Auto car wash services on demand, just a click away. Tell Lavo2Auto where you are and a car washer will visit your home, saving you valuable time. Forget about the hassle.

Daniel Alarcón, Logiety cofounder

Logiety’s mobile App is powered by a proprietary algorithm that classifies items in a matter of seconds, reducing custom clearance times and costly penalties for imported goods produced by common mistakes.

César Antonio Cázarez and César Eduardo Cázares, Merca Rancho co-founders

Merca Rancho the first online marketplace for farmers in Mexico. Introducing a technologic layer to list their products will allow them to reach a broader pool of consumers and increase their agricultural product profit margins.

Víctor Estrada and Rosario Bueno, Mubbmi co-founders.

Mubbmi forget about the hassle of moving. Tell Mubbmi your location and moving date and get a list of the available moving crews, check their reviews score and prices.

Alejandra Jiménez and Gaby Spamer, My Closet co-founders

Mi Closet, Netflix for dresses. Mi Closet is a web based fashion company that allows customers to find and rent the perfect dress for special occasions, delivered to their homes. It also gives dress owners the opportunity to list their gowns for rental.

Fernando Lebrija, PMC founder

PMC is the first online marketplace in Mexico where architects, builders, construction companies and contractors can find everything they need for their projects.