BLOCK 71 Singapore Entrepreneur Feature — EventNook

In this week’s Entrepreneur Feature, we speak to Kyaw, founder and CEO of eventnook, a startup whose mission is to create amazing event experiences all over the universe. Currently operating in Singapore, they hope to do that in Mars one day.

Kyaw from Eventnook
  1. What is EventNook and how did the idea come about?

EventNook is a online end-to-end event registration platform. It allows you to create an event for online registration using tickets and helps you track and monitor an event’s attendees.

Most of the onsite problem, whenever you go to an event — you need to print all the badges, find the guest and there’s always a long queue, some check and registrations still use paper to register. For example, if you go to a Smart Nation event and the registration is so manual, it makes the experience very unpleasant. Therefore, event organisers need to adapt and use technology to make it easy and walk their guest through from the beginning to the day of the actual event. Right now, EventNook has a complete solution that start online to the site offline — the whole registration process.

2. What was EventNook’s greatest challenge?

When you grow, it’s like a game, you have now completed level 1 and level 2 will be even harder and you advance to level 3, level 4. Each of them is a different challenge. Right now, I think I’ve passed level 1 and am now on the next level.

When you look back at your past 4 to 5 years, you will know you’re ready — you have gained inner confidence and validation from the customer and the same customer keeps coming back to you, you know that you’re providing value. Once you gain this confidence, that’s probably a turning point and you can advance to the next level.

3. What’s your best memory at BLOCK71?

When you set up a business, especially if you’re a solo founder, it can get very lonely so you’ll need a community to support you. When you have to handle rejections at a point where you have no income, it’s great to have like minded people to talk to and support you. There’s no best memory at BLOCK71, every day we are creating new ones.

4. What’s next for Eventnook?

EventNook is currently in Singapore. Currently, we are expanding our team to plan for the next milestones of expansion.

If you are an event organiser, community manager or a hotel operator, you can sign up for a free EventNook account at:

Credit: EventNook’s Facebook

Bonus: How to launch an event with EventNook

EventNook makes ticketing and registrations easy.

You can launch your event in these simple steps:

  1. Enter your event information

2. Choose currency and payment modes

3. Create multiple ticket types — Free, By donation or Fixed price

4. Choose the information you want to choose

5. Publish your event!

Badge Printing in Action

Watch the full video of the interview with Kyaw from Eventnook here:

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