A delighted audience at the Small Change Finale (23 October 2015)

Were you at the Small Change Finale last Friday night?

(I'm sure you’ll agree it was dynamite.)

And it doesn’t have to end here!

You can catch up with the speakers on the virtual sphere.

Here’s Society Staples’ Facebook stream,

With the latest news and updates from the team.

Want more Geylang Adventures? Here’s a byte —

Check them out at their website!

If your life needs a little more flavour,

Try SaltSteps online, and do yourself a favour.

For still more change you want to see,

Here’s the site for SDI Academy.

You’ll know this city really isn’t a bore,

When you follow Humans of Singapore.

If you want even more insight,

Our Better World’s inspiring films will shed some light.

It’s a shame that all things must come to an end,

But the small changes start just round the bend.

Our changemakers! What a sight. Here they are from left to right: Rebecca Lim (Our Better World), Sazzad Hossain (SDI Academy), Cai Yinzhou (Geylang Adventures), Desiree Yang (Saltsteps), Debra Lam (Society Staples), Shitij Nigam (Humans of Singapore), Professor Wong Poh Kam (Director of the National University of Singapore Entrepreneurship Centre)

Here is an even broader collection,

To stimulate your reflection.

  1. Society Staples

Read Ryan and Debra’s dream to start Singapore’s first disabled-friendly gym.

Acceptance will take place only through constant interaction and understanding, eventually transforming Singapore into a more inclusive society. — Debra Lam

Hear more from Debra’s mom.

“Debra wants to be an entrepreneur in the social enterprise world. She’s a go-getter. I’m proud that she has achieved things beyond what a typical 21-year-old can do.”

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2. Geylang Adventures

Take a walk in Yinzhou’s shoes on his experience growing up in Geylang and the adventure of starting GA.

“I’ve witnessed police raids, street fights, drunk people, car sex, drugs/gambling dens throughout my childhood in Geylang (…) I was always intrigued, as a young boy, by the sound of running feet and screams echoing through the back alley. Look out my window and I’ll see them with their high heels in one hand and silicon bra pads in the other. I always wondered which one’s more important.”

How does Yinzhou serve migrant communities in his own backyard? Read more here.

“At first I wanted to help them, but I realised that they don’t really need help. I don’t provide them with money, but with opportunities for friendship.”

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3. Saltsteps

Looking for more partners to make your big idea happen? Consider taking a leaf out of Desiree’s book to share your story at The Straits Times’ Causes Week 2015 (from December 7–13).

Being featured (in Causes Week) has helped open doors for Saltsteps, said Miss Yang, an economics undergraduate at the Singapore Management University.
“When you take a screenshot of the article and send that in an e-mail to suppliers to try to arrange a meeting, they give a meeting,” she said
“It also builds credibility because we are a new enterprise and the work we are doing is new as well.”

Here’s her story, from ST Causes Week 2014.

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4. SDI Academy

Here’s a recap of how SDI Academy teamed up with Yale-NUS College to help migrant workers learn English.

“It started off as a very small thing, more like volunteer work. It was first in a park with a small group of students, and after that, more and more students started coming to us,” shared Sazzad. “That’s when we realised that we had to get proper materials like worksheets and textbooks, and we decided to institutionalise our effort and expand our efforts.”

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5. Humans of Singapore

What’s the secret to being a great Humans of Singapore photographer? Shitij shares.

“Starting off with a big smile is kinda important, alongside a fairly confident body language.”

Another feature on Shitij and how Humans of Singapore is a force for good.

“Doing good is not just about specific acts, but also about how you deal with people on a daily basis.”

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6. Our Better World

Here’s report on Our Better World’s Good Story Competition 2014.

The overwhelming response of video entries received for the competition has truly heartened and encouraged us not only with the stories, but also with the diversity of film makers who are passionately telling these stories. — Rebecca Lim

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