“How can I be a part of this?”

Image from Walk Slowly © Jessleen Loy

If last night’s Small Change for the Elderly inspired you, we hope this brief resource page will help you take small steps to enhance the well-being of seniors.

Organisations that the panellists serve at:

Hungry to help Helen’s vision to help seniors reinvent and revitalise themselves to stay relevant? Lend a hand to Silver Spring.

Look forward to learning from Lucy, and how she brings cheer to volunteers? Look up Peace-Connect Neighbourhood Link.

Yearn to be like Yock Leng, walking alongside seniors with dementia? Try the Tsao Foundation.

Dare to make a difference like Dr. Tan and to provide seniors with practical care? Do check out the Asia Pacific Assistive, Rehabilitative & Therapeutic Technologies Network.

Eager to engage seniors in purpose-driven volunteering opportunities like Edmund? The Retired and Senior Volunteer Programme (RSVP) Singapore — The Organisation of Senior Volunteers might be a place you can be effective.

Other resources:

Care about key people, networks, organisations, or reading / watching material? Concern.sg’s elderly resource page could be a place for you.

See Singapore’s Silver Pages for a directory of services for seniors.

What would you add to this library?

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