NWAS Token Sale Announcement — August 20th

The official and only NWAS token sale contract address starts with «0x9f9» and ends in “79012”.Full address is found on our website.

We are pleased to announce the details and official date of the NWAS token sale. We thank all of our community members for being patient with the delay, and for sticking with us.

Starting Ethereum Block: 4198906

Sale Date and Time: 12:00 UTC on August 20th, 2017
 Sale Duration: 42 days 
 Exchange Rate:

Our whitepaper describes the goals and vision of the NWA platform in more detail

We will be selling the NWA token (NWAS). As part of this sale, a fixed pool of NWAS will generated. Once the sale concludes, a portion of NWAS tokens will be allocated and given to the NWA team as an incentive for the success of our platform, and a separate portion will be held as a reserve pool and expenditure fund. The proceeds from the sale of the tokens of each strategy are sent by us to the relevant financial instruments, which can be monitored in the ETH platform and from the IB depository statistics. The value of the current portfolio and the performance of each strategy are calculated every 24 hours. As the value of the portfolio increases from trading operations, the price of the token increases accordingly, which becomes the income of its holder. Investor’s income is calculated using the HWM (High-water mark), which equals on average 75% of the return 1. Average 25% return of the total capital investment under the company’s management (up to 3,000,000 euros) is distributed between the management and the PRE-ICO stage investors in a 70/30 ratio. For a total capital under management exceeding EUR 3,000,000, the company does not bear any additional obligations to distribute ‘the Success fee’ to the PRE-ICO stage investors

It is especially attractive to be able to change the underlying asset from crypto currency to Fiat money, and vice versa. This option works both in strategies where the basic asset is the crypto currency, as well as the Fiat money. This is ensured by the managing company through obtaining particular hedging assets to keep the maintenance margin.

NWA strategies:


“Market Value” strategy focuses on the following areas:

Post-IPO. The strategy is based on the purchase of undervalued companies and companies, for which there is a strong demand, on the day of their IPO.
 Book IPO — Exclusive market and the ability to buy shares the book with a discount directly from the underwriters.
 Payrolls — Taking advantage of increased volatility in particular financial assets, when the data about unemployment rate in the USA is published. 
 Earnings report — opportunity to trade stocks after market close and before market open, that is, taking advantage of the report analysis and volatility changes.


The strategy of making profits, regardless of the market direction, on time decay of volatility, while hedging the risk through buying the underlying asset.


The possibility of buying shares of key emerging companies in the US before they go public. The shares are bought directly from the company management.

Crypto Market


Our experts select the most promising projects, using verification methods, fundamental and indirect analysis. The portfolio is widely diversified

cryptocurrency portfolio

Recent surge in the popularity of crypto currency and blockchain technology has created new opportunities for investment. While the form of traditional economy is changing, money will flow into crypto-currencies, either for speculative purposes to generate capital gains, or to support projects built on decentralized platforms.

The following chart demonstrates the portfolio components and the return on $100 invested at the beginning of 2017.

The resources will be distributed via issuing appropriate tokens for each strategy.

The emission and destruction of tokens depend on the change in the volume of capital in each fund strategy, the price in turn depends directly on the profit / loss indicator. The purchase or sale of tokens by current or new participants does not affect the price of the token. If a buyer wants to change the underlying asset of any strategy from ETH to Fiatmoney or vice versa, an ETH address of a special smart contract, which serves as a maintenance margin, is used to send capital to the strategy.

Every time a buyer or the company send BTC or ETH to the address, smart-contract issues the fund strategy tokens based on the price calculated at 12.00 and 00.00 GMT next day.

Price of the token = Value of assets / Number of issued tokens*

Buyer’s Tokens = Investment / Price of Token — Commission

*management commissions included

Every time the buyer sends the fund’s token back to NWA, the tokens are destroyed. The payout is calculated based on the price calculated at 12.00 and 00.00 GMT next day after liquidating of positions in the fund.

Price of the token = Value of assets / Number of issued tokens

Liquidation value = Tokens X Price of the token

We are organizing and will be promoting the circulation of our tokens on digital trading platforms. Also, we are creating token-changers, attaching them to the TenX system cards, which will allow using these tokens as a highly liquid instrument. The system will automatically convert tokens to Fiat money, when customers pay for goods and services using their cards. When requested, the smart contract checks whether the person actually has the required number of tokens and opens the necessary amount of reserves for him

Success fee is calculated on a daily basis applying HWM principle, which is equal to 30%. Positive results of each strategy will define the proportionate amount of tokens to be paid as commissions. The price of the token reflects commissions of trading platforms and brokerage firms, since its value is calculated on the basis of the liquidation value of the assets.

The inflow and outflow of capital into company’s strategies can be made in any major currencies as long as investors go through the KYC procedure. This kind of operations are subject to additional commission.

We plan to raise min 500000 EUR at PRE-ICO stage. Both cryptocurrency (ETH) and fiat can be used to participate in PRE-ICO.

PRE-ICO is structured through the purchase of the NWA tokens, which will be capitalized by the company’s success fee. Pre-ICO starts on August 20, 2017.

Company’s sale of Pre-ICO tokens 2017:

• First stage from August 20, 30% ‘Success Fee’ at company on September 6;

  • Second stage since September 6, 25% ‘Success Fee’ at company until September 20;
  • Third stage from 20 September, 20 % ‘Success Fee’ at company until September 30;

Any tokens purchased as part of the sale will be immediately allocated to the buyer.

The NWA team is committed to delivering on our promises. We believe in our product, and wish to show good faith by remaining accountable to its success. As a result, we are implementing a completion-based release model.

More information can be found here

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