How to participate in the NXDF Airdrop event?

NXDF AirDrop Event

What is the AirDrop event?

It is a Free Coin Giveaway Event. If you complete the procedure below, you can receive a free coin!

It will last for two weeks approximately.
The start date is 00:00:00 Saturday, February 5, the end date is 00:00:00 Sunday, 20th on UTC+09:00 timezone.

How to participate in the event ↓

1. Join the Discord channel

Click here to subscribe to the Discord channel! And select the verification channel on the left menu bar.

After entering the verification channel, press one of emoji reaction buttons to prove you are not a robot. Then, other channels will open.

2. Use /nxdf event command to Discord bot.

Now you can join your favorite community channel.

In #🚁-airdrop channel, type “/nxdf event” in there.

airdrop channel

3. Go to the event page.

By entering the command, you can check the AirDrop link that only you can see. Click the link.

4. Go to the AirDrop page.

NXDF AirDrop page

You can visit the NXDF AirDrop page by clicking the link.

5. Install Chrome Extension — Phantom Wallet (Solana-based wallet)


If the Phantom Wallet is not installed, the alert will appear. If the alert appears, install the phantom wallet chrome extension.

If it is already installed, ignore this step.

For more information on installing the wallet, check out the YouTube video below for more information.

6. Click the ‘Connect to a wallet’ button.

Click the ‘Connect to a wallet’ button at the bottom of the site.

7. Connect Chrome Extension to get your Wallet Address.

After clicking the button, you can check the pop-up as above. Press the Connect button to connect the site and wallet.

Then you can check the wallet address linked to the site. On mobile, instead of using Chrome Extension, copy-and-paste your wallet address.

8. Bonus Rewards

This is an additional step. If you enter your friend’s email, leave the link of Twitter RT and Reddit comments, you can get up to 5K bonus coins! After the event, you can receive an additional NXDF of 50 to 50K through a lottery.

9. Complete!

If you go through all the courses, your wallet address and discord user ID will be stored in the DB and NXDF will be paid according to the information you applied for.

Congratulations. You successfully participated in the Airdrop event!

If you are additionally curious about the development of this Airdrop page, Click here.

For more information — please join our Discord channel:



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